Place in Yoga from Home!

Yoga is a physical activity that you can do with only a small space, a mat, and comfortable clothes. The only thing needed is some time to dedicate to yourself/and find that calm and peace of mind that all we have.

Before I begin, I would like to explain the role that the Mat at yoga classes: they help us to be more comfortable for the realization of the asanas aportanto a plus of comfort and avoiding possible injury. The ideal is that they are a non-slip material so that when we move, the mat is still firm on the same site. For gentle yoga, the ideal mat has a thickness of 5mm to 8 mm, and in the more dynamic yoga from 3mm to 5 mm.

Now that you know a bit more, let’s begin!

1st LA respiration: we will post easy position, as shown in the picture, and will always breathe through the nose, but in a natural way. Then, we put a hand on the abdomen and the other on the chest. To catch air, we look at what is the hand which rises. We must ensure that only moves to that found in the abdomen (diaphragmatic breathing). We will make this exercise for 5-10 minutes. This may be difficult for many people, but we do not fail us, with practice is achieved.

2nd sun salutation: this is the part where we activate our body and prepare it for the main part. The photos show the order of execution, making the positions of continuously. We will begin making the greeting to the Sun that is made in the classes of Hatha yoga.

1st Tadasana:
With feet together and well distributed weight on our soles. Arms along the body and look at the front. We exhale.

2nd Urdhva Hastasana:
We inhale and raise your arms into the sky, looking to our hands and grow with our inhalation.

3rd Uttanasana:
We exhale and go down with our arms, trying to keep straight the column until the last moment. With the same exhalation, we enter the following position.

4 º bring right leg back, supporting the instep. We inhale. We retain the air and put ourselves in the following position.

5th Chaturanga Dandasana. Exhaling we flexed elbows and shot on the vamp of the feet.

6th Bhujangasana:
Legs supported in the soil and in tension. We raise the trunk with the force of arms.

7th Ardho Mukha Svanasana:
Exhaling, we put the tips of the feet and with force of arms, raise your hips toward the sky. We try to approach the heels on the floor and stretch our back.

8 º transition to virabhadrasana. Right leg toward your hands. We inhale. We exhale and bring your left foot forward.

9th Urdhva Hastasana:
We inhale while we took arms to the sky and go look at the palms of our hands. We feel how we stretch with inhalation.

10th let go air and joined the palms of the hands. We breathe.

We repeat the greeting to the Sun, making it four times, alternating right leg back and left leg back.

3rd main part: we will keep you in all positions during four full breaths. We will try to move the abdomen in every breath.

4th relaxation/meditation: practice the technique 4-7-8 that will help us to sleep. The first few times it is advisable to do it sitting. Once we internalize the technique it can be practiced in bed, lying down. These are the three steps of the exercise:

Close your mouth and inhalael air through the nose. Has up to four.

Aguantala breathing for seven

Spire completely air from your lungs through the mouth during eight is important make a loud sound.

During the session, I recommend putting a relaxing background music.

I hope you like it Yogis! Any questions or recommendations don’t hesitate to comment it.

Peace and love.