Plus Size Celebrities Fashion

Just because you are a Hollywood star, it does not mean that one is born with good style. Everyone starts somewhere. Thus also some of our absolute plus size-Favorites, Melissa McCarthy, Amber Riley and Rebel Wilson! Follow along on a little trip through the years and see how their style on the red carpet has evolved from the first fledgling (and sometimes experimental) step into the fabulous divas, they are today.

For us, it is the proof that the clothes, we equip ourselves, really makes a difference. Both for the way we carry ourselves, but also for the way in which the body is going to look like Insurancejust.

And so, it is clear that women learn over the years. Which angle, who dress them, where the belt is to be cut, which bra to choose – and everything else that gets them to beam maximum in front of the cameras. Why not learn from them? Why not steal the tricks, they have had to learn the most unforgiving place – in flash light?

Look at what they are doing and not doing – – and let yourself be inspired. We promise, that it works just as well at the Office in gray januardanmark as on a sun-drenched red carpet in Los Angeles.


2006: The fine belt and the short cardigan puts focus on the waist.
2009: the jacket has a taljemarkering, and at the same time pulling statement necklace focus up to her face.
2012: The highly placed belt and the floor-length dress gets her look taller.
2015: A leather corsage lights up under the open jacket, and the effect creates a vertical line that creates height.


2009: the wide belt marking the waist, but the glossy, pleated skirt, we had probably dropped.
2011: the diagonal wrinkles in the fabric over the abdomen, emphasises the curves and makes the waist even clearer.
2012: A single belt creates a high waist that causes the legs to see kilometres out.
2014: the graphical effect with black edges get her look taller and more harmonious out.


2009: V-neck extends her while the empire cut accentuates the waist.
2011: the effect at the top and bottom balanced her belly fullskirt party, so she gets a hourglass figure.
2012: the eyes focus on the striped top, under a solid color jacket creates a vertical party, extending her body.
2014: The asymmetric peplumskørt on the dress bodice creates a waist and camouflages the tummy.