Plus Size Fashion: Clothing, Accessories, Trends and Photos

The Plus Size fashion is now so popular that many professionals are dedicated to produce parts that uniquely appreciate the curves of who’s above the ideal weight.Fortunately there are still many shops offering clothes in size G, GG, EG, G1, G2 among others.

Thinking about it in this post we decided to talk a little bit about the Plus Size fashion Winter 2013. It seems early, but many brands have started to divulge their collections to the coldest season of the year and the fashionistas already point trends that promise to be very successful.

In the image above you can see that some colors typical of winter remain high. They are: Brown, beige, black, salmon, grey, Navy Blue and green. The prints also remain among the highlights of the collections, especially those that mimic the animal skin, animal print, and geometric shapes.

A tip for those who want to disguise some love handles this winter is abuse of dark pants. Leggins, or they can be used in rollovers, with jackets and coats that guarantee a sophisticated look more elegant. Open chest shoes lengthen your legs and make it look more heel boots high.

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