Plus Size Fashion Tips and Advice

What is the stars have, that just gives it extra to see a bit more delicious looking than average?

Good genes for anyone’s concerned with all-natural beauty to follow, which cannot be bought for money. But for the vast majority, it is the possibility to buy professional help from the best stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. Luxury that most can only dream of, as a natural part of everyday life.

But just because we are neither a Hollywood celebrity or a size 38, there’s no reason to completely fail to do that little bit extra out of ourselves. Also not on the busy weekdays, as there is now a time is most of in ordinary life.

I can not resist. Just because it’s the little things that give me the feeling of a little glamour, that helps me to straighter spine and view world in the eyes of a busy life. And it does not cost a lot of money or be a hassle either based on Internetiest.

A good haircut
For me it all starts with a good haircut. I have most of my life had long hair, which mostly have been set up in the dut on the top of the head. But a few years ago should there just be something new. I got most of the length of the clip, and a few years later I also jumped out to get a haircut bangs.

I now have it, which I even call for a great hairstyle which is adapted to the shape of my face, and which helps to emphasize my personality. I should be good enough for the hairdresser more often, but being yummy on top gives me just a little extra on glamour account in everyday life.

And a good haircut makes me happy, as you can see here in the photo from my last visit with my hair My-T Sharp (opens in new window) just before Christmas:

Tips for hair
Nothing is as sad as hair, slaps. Are you too busy for a hair wash, so mercury hair style up with a time tørshampoo. My favorite is currently this:

Batiste from Batiste Dry Shampoo 200 ml, Original 69.95, Matas

Red nails and lips
Red nails and ditto lips are for me the epitome of glamour. And, of course, as previously written – thick ladies must also go well with red lipstick (opens in new window) and red nails for that matter. We should like to make it bit more out of ourselves, which attract some extra attention.

I bought my first red lipstick in 7. class and a few years later came the nail polish. At first I was very inspired by the strong women in my life – mother, maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother – who all went with lipstick and nail polish.

As the years have passed, is the Red beauty products has become a regular part of my life, because they simply for me is an easy way to inject a little everyday glamour to my life. Currently, these are my favorites:

lipstick, Lasting Finish by Kate nr. 22, 69.95, Rimmel with Matas

Nail Polish, Really red No. 60, 99 100, Essie is available, among other things, Matas

The small detail – necklaces
It is often the small difference that makes the big difference. Therefore, statement necklaces become a regular part of my attire also to everyday life.

For there is nothing like a good statement necklace, which can lift even a simple white t-shirt to new heights. When it comes to large necklaces, we have plus-women actually an advantage: We can wear the big jewelry, so it is us that comes with the jewellery, because our figure not drown in the large accessories.
Here is a small selection of my favorites.

And worry not. The right jewelry can make you look like a million without cost the Earth. The most expensive necklace on the photo has cost 150 kr

Good places to shop statement necklaces at an affordable price: H & M, Glitter and Pieces.

Radiance – make yourself comfortable in your clothes
Glamour is all so for me also on charisma. I don’t know about you, but my radiation barometer rises through the ranks, always when I have clothes on, as I feel comfortable in.

“Yes, I’m so happy for soft trousers, but not always, they are an appropriate attire. That is why I have in my wardrobe a series of secure favorites that I catch out after on the days when I either just have busy or generally just not be bothered to deal with my attire. What is the appropriate to the days comes, of course, totally depends on the individual.

But I note that it is good solid classics, that does it for me on the kind of day. That is why I have always in my closet a black dress, a black skirt and a pair of well-fitting jeans. It is practical garments that can be combined on the crossword with the rest of my wardrobe, and therefore can easily be adapted to my chores in the course of a day.

Dress up to size 54, 359.96, Bon’a Parte

Skirt, up to size 54, 499 DKK + evt. freight, carmakoma

Jeans up to size 54, 499.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

And then just one last tip – Manicured hands
In my world it makes no great difference that people have taken fine clothes on and set the hair, if their hands do not match the effort. You may be thinking not so much of your hands, but it is actually a limb, which is very visible, not least when you shake hands.

Therefore, manicured hands for me a must in relation to the exquisiteness of everyday life. Delicate hands acting for me in the first place to go to battle against the nails roots and dry hands. It allows you to use the right amount of money on. You can also settle for to smear your hands with fat cream morning and night. I sometimes buy an expensive hand cream, but it is mostly because I have a soft spot for delicious packages.

The vast majority of days it once Nivea cream that comes on my hands. I have changed the classic blue out with this soft version, which I think will be absorbed faster and therefore are easier to smear in.

200 ml soft, Nives 49.95, Matas

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