Plus Size Fitness

Inspiring: Plus-size fitness looks

These inspirational women show what fitness regardless of body dimensions.Looks like plus-size fitness! You can be fit with each figure.

Television, magazines and commercials try to make us all too often that fit the same thin means. Slender models with WaSP waists and narrow arms promote sneakers, dumbbells and sports outfits. But who says that these models also in form? Fitness has not necessarily something to do with body mediated by beauty ideals.

These nine women show us in a fascinating way, that with each figure to be fit! Because they all are impressive sportlich-and no size zero. The
women may not look like sports models-but they are so easy not to be outdone in terms of fitness! Their discipline, strength and body tension makes them the inspiration for people worldwide.

We present the impressive athletes:

1 @ MyNameIsJessamyn

Jessamyn tells their fascinating attitude to her body on her blog and Instagram. She has managed with perseverance and ambition to learn impressive yoga poses like this. You know: practice makes perfect.

1 @TaushaOstrander

Tausha shows us on their blog, what is body tension. Plus-size-pole-dancing can look so great!

  1. @Round_the_Way_Gal

The young woman shows us how much fun can make sport.

4.Jill Angie

The author of the book of running with hyperrestaurant shows that it is possible to run with any weight.

  1. @LeeBee2321

On the blog body positive athletes explains Leah Gilbert, that fitness is a lifestyle, regardless of body dimensions.

6 @ Tattedyogi16

You can do yoga with each figure. That proves this woman in impressive manner. Their poses can be amazed!

7 @Biggalyoga

This blogger knows what she wants. On her blog, you can follow step by step the success of their training. Inspiring!

8 @CeCeOlisa

As a plus size Princess, Olisa shows how more to be fit with a few pounds on the hips. Due to a metabolic disorder, it tends to be overweight. On the Internet, she shares her inspiring story.

9 Krista Henderson

Krista Henderson founded “born to reign athletics” to motivate people, that you can be active with each figure.