Plus Size Kimono Robe Pattern

Kimono is one of the biggest trends this season. And hurrah for that. It’s for a piece of clothing that is perfect for the thick body.

It is, because no matter how you styling it, it helps to accentuate your figure instead of to hide whole body. On the way you can with a kimono get a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you can use in different ways, depending on the mood and occasion.


This is the styling that makes the very best for your figure. For with a belt around the waist, you can select and highlight your waist. On the way, the kimono a bit jakkeagtig, but the characteristic sleeves do anyway, to kimono retains its distinctive character, since the wide sleeves differs markedly from a few traditional narrow sleeves.
For me it gives a closed kimono a stylish look, which I typically want to use for a skirt or over a dress, and is therefore a perfect party-look.


The open standing kimono mark a vertical line on your body that creates harmony in overall appearance, since this line creates the illusion that you are seeing higher out. This styling tip has the greatest effect, if you use your open standing kimono over garment that sits a little to. Do you have an open kimono on over loose clothes, come easily to think bigger than you actually are.
An open kimono is for me more relaxed than the closed. Therefore, it is the solution that I typically want to use for a pair of jeans on a weekday.

The color of your kimono
This also applies to the kimono, to bright colors or patterns attract attention and dark colors on a piece of solid-colored clothing camouflages.

I have two kimonos in my wardrobe. The black do I use those days where I want to be classic and it bloomed, when I’m in the mood for making noise with my clothes and signal here-comes-I.


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