Plus Size Preppy Dress

Juliet today you two outfits of a timeless preppy-chic style, in this special selection ‘large sizes!

More great ready-to-wear brands began to get out their own line “big sizes”, to the delight of fashion fans who make more than a 44.

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Shopping can be a little difficult but unfortunately, these ranges may not have as many articles as others, when they are not composed of clothing in the cups dated, or available at double the price of the models of the “classic” sizes

Then, to help put together outfits stylish in the Curve of the brands of clothes and accessories lines, I will propose regular selections shopping special “big sizes”. Today, these are two outfits preppy I made you to wear day and night, underway or in the office!

Classic and cool, this style has emerged quickly on the planet a few years ago and has not moved since. Here are some ideas to wear it with panache, with a dress or with a fluid short!

The preppy with a dress outfit

  1. A pretty dress gray, you can belt if you want to mark your size, Mango (€69.99)
  2. A white coat, for a look smooth, Forever 21 (€46,45)
  3. A beige bowling bag, a pretty basic, River Island (€40)
  4. Black boots, a strand rocks, New Look (€27.99)
  5. A pair of tights fancy, for a touch of chic in the English, the drawer to tights (€16)

The shorts, perfect for a preppy-chic look

  1. A white top, with a fake necklace top, for not more taking the head with her jewels the morning, MissGuided (€28)
  2. A Culottes, the fanciest of the shorts! ASOS (€15.99)
  3. Baroque motifs tights, to bring a rock touch to this outfit, the drawer to tights (€16)
  4. A gray coat, which looks rather comfortable, New Look (€64.99)
  5. An electric blue bag, a now timeless color, MissGuided (€35)
  6. A pair of black boots, simple and cool, Zara (€49.95)