Plus Size Vest Tops

The summer passed slowly, but surely, but for winter jackets, it is still too warm. This is the time of transition jackets! Which autumn not only keep warm jackets this season, but are still popular? These ones!

Plus Size Vest Tops

Transitional Jackets In Large Sizes

Long Cuddly Transition Cardigans

Feinstrick or Grobstrick: Cardigans fit many Plus Size outfits and keep warm in the late summer and into the fall. Particularly beautiful are longer models with tip-section. Stretch and visually slim. The loosely falling waves are also an eye-catcher and Figurschmeichler. Another advantage: Long cardigans cover the buttocks and thereby keep extra warm.

Timeless Beauty: Light Coats For Transition

Coats are as good as any plus size lady and make a feminine figure. If they are not fed too thick, they are ideal as a transitional jacket in big sizes. You can also pipe toll combine-with jeans, dress and boots, in leisure or business outfit with pumps.

How about, for example, with a casual trench coat? The classic looks especially stylish in elegant black or beige sand colors (incidentally also the color trend of the season!)

Allrounder Leather Jacket

Fits virtually everything, even as rocking contrast to feminine dresses with lace! The leather jacket is the ideal companion autumn – not too hot, not too cold: perfect!

Jackets And Vests Made of fake fur

Real fur is out, fake fur is In! Why not-artificial fur looks just beautiful and feels as good at as real fur. This fall, you can access, for example for fur vest tops of maternity from BESTAAH, best over a long sleeve or a matching long-sleeved sweater in large sizes.

Übergangsjacke Difference: Ponchos And Capes

Simply throw and feel Now the motto! Both Ponchos and capes replace this season the classic transition jacket. Especially practical way for Inbetweenies Few centimeter of cloth more or less fall not on at the wide trend parts