Possible Farewell to Android Tablets

Sony is getting ready to unveil some news that we will see over the next few months including Z6 and more midrange smartphone will be the protagonists. Looking still further away in time and taking a long-haul Android landscape, it seems that Sony can exit the market Android Tablet on thereligionfaqs.com.

So there would be no new Xperia tab in program whether 10 or more inches, is a successor of the great Compact version. A shame given that Sony are among the best but a finding of fact that the market share of Android tablets is so low that it cannot be considered sufficient to get real profits.

Added to this is another step forward in the smartphone segment. Sony provides that by 2017 the top range range of Xperia smartphones could adopt a Duo Cam can offer two different focal lengths allowing you to conduct not only changes to focus but also zoom much higher and with better quality due to different configuration of two goals.

The fact that Sony can accomplish a dual system for the camera is not only interesting for Zperia devices, but also for all other Android smartphones and more. Sony lenses are used, original or modified by many producers and it cannot be excluded that the 2017 may be the year of Duo Cam experience.