Practicality and Style: Men’s Handbags Models for You

The rush of everyday life causes have to carry keys, wallet, cell phone, handbag and other”gadgets” to face the routine. Where we put all of this? In the pockets of the pants–I just don’t! Giving that friendly advice: place items in pants pockets adds visual of anyone. The solution lies in men’s pockets. Check out some models and get inspired:


In materials ranging from canvas to leather, is that play Joker that goes well with both a formal look the more stripped. Ideal for those who need to carry books, notebooks and other smaller items during the day. The advantage is versatility: can be charged both in the hand and shoulder.


A good option for anyone who spends all day outside and you need to take several items, the cylinder bag combines a sporty and urban style with versatility. The hint is to look for a model with neutral colors and more sophisticated materials like leather, so you can use it in the Office to the gym.


No, it’s not just an accessory for anyone who is a student. A classic forever, the Backpack was remodeled and returned to trend on the runways. Proof of this are the numerous models in various materials such as leather, canvas and suede. No mystery!


You might be surprised that model, very similar to women’s handbags. But why not use? Known as purse bag, has no internal divisions, giving more space to store your stuff. Ideal for that weekend ride, the Park to the Mall.


The classic hand folders are indicated for more formal environments. In rigid or structured models, generally in chorus, is an option to upload documents and objects.