Pregnancy of Twins – Care, Gestation

Pregnancy Tips and Care for a Twins Pregnancy

A pregnancy is always a gift, but it is a surprise when the woman discovers that she is pregnant with twins. Just like any pregnancy, that of twins deserves the same care as a pregnancy of a single fetus, it is clear that the woman has no health problem.

In the case of a twin pregnancy, the difference is that there may be higher prenatal consultation numbers and also requested tests since it is an atypical (not so common) gestation and may be a risky pregnancy, according to,  I depend on the type of woman. If the pregnancy of twins originates from a fertility treatment (which often happens) the care is greater because they may be at risk of miscarriage. Usually the medical appointments are every four weeks, but with a pregnancy of twins, the consultations can be every two weeks. In the case of identical twins in which there is only one placenta, the pregnancy in this case will be more carefully. This pregnancy of identical twins presents certain difficulties such as the so-called fetal transfusion syndrome, when one fetus receives more blood than the other. Other complications of this type of pregnancy are the problem of blood pressure, as well as diabetes or even pre-eclampsia as well as common problems in any pregnancy such as anemia. In the last trimester of pregnancy, that is, around the 6th or 7th month the ultrasound is more frequent and the medical follow-up is as well.

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Another care with the pregnancy of twins is the possibility of the premature birth, therefore, the pregnant ones must from the early one prepare for this possibility. In the case of identical twins who share the same placenta, a pregnancy of these twins goes up to the 34th week or up to the 37th week. In the case of fraternal twins, it can reach up to the 37th week. Pregnancy does not follow later, as there may be placental problems. Therefore, if you are pregnant with twins, be more careful in this pregnancy, but without any neuroses.