Pregnancy Second Semester

The pregnancy lasts on average 40 weeks, this period is divided into 3 quarters, in which different examinations and analyzes are performed.

Pregnancy Second Semester

The entry in the second half is a very important milestone for the pregnant woman, since the risk of abortion decreases considerably, also some symptoms such as nausea diminish by this time.

The second quarter is comprised between the 13th and 28th weeks.

Symptoms of 2 semester of pregnancy

In the second semester of pregnancy the belly begins to become more prominent, the increase of the belly brings some discomforts such as heartburn, difficulties of digestion and constipation.

By this time you can still notice the appearance of a thin dark line, from the line of the bikini to the navel, or to the chest, is the black line, not all pregnant women have this line, it is due to the accumulation of melanin, but disappears after childbirth.

It increases the urge to urinate due to the pressure of the uterus on the bladder, do not hold urine to avoid urinary infections that in pregnancy can be dangerous if not detected and treated in time.

Sexual life can undergo changes you may notice an increase in sexual appetite or else a decrease in it, the large belly may hinder some positions, but if there is no contrary statement the doctor can continue his life normally.

2 semester exams

Morphological ultrasound

Between the 22nd and 24th weeks must perform an ultrasound, the morphological ultrasound that verifies several important aspects of the baby’s development, among them, the functioning of the heart, kidneys and physiques. This test also confirms in most cases the sex of the baby.

Blood and urine tests

During this semester you should also do blood and urine tests to check for iron levels, the existence of any infection. At this point you should also perform the glucose test to see if you have developed gestational diabetes.