Prenatal Guide: Obstetrician Explains Everything

Find a good doctor to accompany the pregnancy is critical

Prenatal Guide: Obstetrician Explains Everything

Women who are thinking of having a child must worry also about having a good doctor to accompany pregnancy. That’s because during the gestational period, it is essential to have a series of typical care with the pregnant woman, which are applied during the so-called prenatal care.

In that time, the woman goes through a series of routine tests and tracing, able to ensure her health, as the fetus. “Are made blood tests, urine and feces, among other capable of detecting infections. Outside the tests done in organs like kidneys and liver, or to detect HVI, syphilis, rubella and hepatitis. In addition, one of the most important is the indirect Coombs, who can check for the existence of RH antibodies in the blood of the mother, which could cause at any given time, the production of antibodies to the fetus, resulting in the death of the baby in pregnancies following “explainsOB-GYN Dr. Domingos Mantelli Borges Filho.

According to the expert, the first looks for the obstetrician should not be when you find out you’re pregnant. The ideal is to go to an appointment in advance. “This is the most indicated to avoid exposing the baby to medications if found any pathogen. Looking for an expert with two or three months before you get pregnant, it is possible to start this period with all tests in order to ensure tranquillity during the nine months “.

However, if happen without planning, from the discovery the mother should start the procedure, making periodic visits to the doctor. Initially the query should happen once a month. From 34 weeks of gestation, the meeting has reduced time for 15 days. After the 36th, the pregnant will the expert weekly.

It is also through this monitoring that the woman receives indication of vitamins and medications should use while you are pregnant, being driven everything that happens with the body and clarifying all doubts. So it is important to find a reliable doctor,giving preference by those indicated by friends who already know the professional work.

“The important thing is to prepare properly, staying alert and following to the letter the medical procedures. This measure is essential to take care of the baby and the mother. Who opens the hand passes through prenatal risks enormous, since it cannot diagnose problems such as gestational hypertension, which can develop into an eclampsia and cause seizures, diabetes, decreased amniotic fluid, inadequate growth of the fetus, among other diseases, “Dr. Mantelli Borges Filho, indicating even the postpartum care.

“Prenatal care, as its name says, happens until the baby is born. However, immediately after birth the mother enters a period when we call the puerperium. It lasts 42 days and that’s when the doctor evaluates the State of the mother after giving birth to, if considering the healing, functionality of the uterus and breasts, indicating necessary care for breastfeeding healthy “, she concludes.