Preview of Applemews

What is coming this year?
What should we keep from 2009? Apple has somehow not popped a lot, and except the Magic Mouse, I’m missing innovations. The iPhone was only updated to the 3GS version and the sympathetic company from Cupertino 2009 was more for evolution than for revolution.Slowly, it is time to focus on 2010 and think about what Apple might shake out of the sleeve this year. If you were a bit concerned with the rumored kitchen last year, it should be clear that we can hope for 2010 above all on an Apple Tablet. Furthermore, one can assume that the iPhone-perhaps even parallel with the presentation of the tablet-an update gets. In terms of Mac, we probably will not experience any major surprises in the first half of the year, but a few hardware updates are still available…
The Apple Tablet
Clearly, we finally get the Apple tablet in 2010. What is all there is, nobody knows yet.Believe the rumors, at least UMTS and an iPhone OS based software. This seems to be more than likely, given the fact that the more than 100,000 iPhone apps from the app store can run on the device. Otherwise the hardware could somewhere between Macbook Air and iPhone 3GS. Speculations to follow, the display is a size of 10 inches, but I could also imagine a device in 13 inch MacBook size, and you can get more information from Much larger than the MacBook Air it should not be. For a tablet device is actually a fairly large size. It remains to be seen whether compatibility with the comparatively low-resolution iPhone display will be available. If you believe the Financial Times, there is an Apple event on January 26th. For example, the company hired the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for a few days to hold a presentation there. I like to be surprised!

IPhone 4G
In the summer of 2010, an iPhone update is definitely also available. Already in the discussion is already supported by the new mobile radio standard LTE , which stands for Long Term Evolution. This is seen as the successor of UMTS and is to support speeds of 100 Megabit. The fast system is already in the test operation, whether the system but also 2010 to the German mobile phone providers creates, is from my point of view rather questionable.Nevertheless, Apple could equip the new iPhone already with this technology. Perhaps even only at the end of 2010. In addition, it will show whether Apple’s marketing strategy is to offer devices in many countries with only one vendor and corresponding sim lock or net locks.There have often been reports that contracts with carriers are phasing out or at least more and more providers are being added. This is to be hoped, because perhaps the eternal Unlock-Katz-and-Mouse game between the Apple developers and the hackers will come to an end.

New MacBooks
The Unibody case on the MacBooks was such a big step that I do not assume that in 2010 large design changes will come to Apple’s mobile Macs. Furthermore, a tablet device is most likely to come, which leaves no room for great notebook innovations. But a few things are at Apple in the duty book: When finally comes official Blu-Ray support? In addition, USB 3.0 is so slow market-ready and also Apple will probably not be long in coming. Presumably, these features come first in a updated version of the MacBook Pros in the spring of 2010, which are likely to come with Intel’s new processors. Mobile versions of Core i5 and Core i3 are available up to now and perhaps the manufacturer from Cupertino also dares to a top model with Core i7 quad-core processor. In the context of Apple’s somewhat adapted price policy, I could also imagine that the devices will be basically five to ten percent cheaper than the current MacBook Pros.