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Did you know that in France, 40% of the sports don’t wear underwear of sport? They just their everyday lingerie eventually squeezing an extra notch clips for an impression of greater support.

Zsport, Odysséa partner, share with you ideas that the French may have on the bra and sports bras.

You will also discover the BRA Odysséa, the supportive bra of the range developed by Zsport in partnership with Odysséa – for every bra purchased, €4 are transferred to Odysséa for the benefit of the research against breast cancer. It’s never too late to take care of your chest!

Myth No. 1: Bra City Or Sports Bra, No Difference

Settle for a daily bra for sports is a big mistake! Did you know that during a workout, the weight of the breasts is multiplied by 5?

Everyday lingerie is designed for activities without major impact to the chest; so, it is not suitable in a sporting activity. When you know that the chest is maintained by ligaments, the risk that the breasts SAG over the years is important.

Therefore, to avoid “breasts falling” it is important to wear a good sports bra to keep chest and reduce the bounce of the breasts and the stretching of the ligaments (without sports bra the vertical rebound varies between 4 and 10cm according to the cup size).

Myth No. 2: The Beanies Do Not Need to Wear Bra Or Sports Bra

Whatever your cup size, your breasts are sensitive to shocks. Of course, the effect will be more obvious for larger sizes but same small breasts are at risk of “falling”. And when the ligaments are distended, it is irretrievable. That is why it is essential to protect your chest.

Myth No. 3: Bra Or Sports Bra, It’s the Same

Both the bra and the sports bra the same role: keep your chest during exercise. What differentiates them is first cut to ensure this.
The BRA wraps chest and brings together the breasts against the other to maintain a single “block”. While the BRA, he maintains each breast independently from the other and offer so a significant comfort to the generous breasts.
The second point that differentiates it is the threading mode.

The jacket is put on by the upper body while the BRA has an opening system on the front or in the back allowing a threading by arms.
Bras and BRA as well protect the chest than the other. The choice is a matter of preference and personal comfort.

Myth No. 4: There Is No Different Levels of Maintenance in the Bra and Sports Bras

This is false: each sport intensity, which corresponds to an intensity of impact, is a level of maintenance of BRA or sports bra.
At Zsport we declined our range in 3 levels:

  • The activities of average intensity (hiking, yoga, climbing, etc.) correspond to level 3 because it’s sports causing little impact to the chest.
  • High intensity activities (running, fitness, boxing, etc.) correspond to the 4 level because it’s sports causing impacts on the chest.
  • Very high intensity activities (marathon, riding, handball, etc.) correspond to level 5 because it’s sports causing repetitive and important impacts on the chest.

Another important point to find the BRA you need is your cup size. More your cup size is large and more it will consider an important support level as the volume of your chest needs more support.

As a partner of Odysséa, Zsport has developed a model of BRA dedicated to running. For every bra purchased, €4 are transferred to Odysséa for the benefit of the research against breast cancer.

This model has the shape of a bra with her v-neck, the feeling when the door is close so everyday lingerie. Super comfort, even for women who have undergone surgery. With its fine and thermoregulatory textile, the brassiere is forgotten during the effort. Bonus: the BRA has even bystanders for heart rate monitor.

This model comes in Black and white, of the 85 A to the 95 d.

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