Quechua T2 Ultralight Pro

2 places, ultra lightweight and ultra compact
Impermeability: double Roof in polyester coated with polyurethane.
Housing conditions: excellent for your weight. Limited to 2 people with great stature.
Ease of use: very simple and fast Mounting, with practice. Pre-assembled room.
QUECHUA – Designed to hike-camp of two people that require lightness and compactness.
Composition Roof double PU coated polyester, polyester respiration-active room, floor in polyamide PU coated.
Weight and ability – take the tents of 2 places with one bedroom and double ceiling — 2 kg — easy transport inside, top or bottom of the bag: bag length < 40 cm – Scholarship of compression.
Space-with a remarkable interior space, taking into account your weight, “full-bodied” users may find it a little tight. Room: length = 220 cm/width per person = 42 cm, 65 cm in head — Apse with 60 cm of depth — see diagram.
Access-Great central door.
Fitting-room previously mounted which allows you to set up your tent from the room under the rain. Montage (video available at www.quechua.com): very simple and fast since the second Assembly.
Ventilation and limitation of condensation-2 ventilation holes at the top – space between the floor and the ceiling double
Impermeability – as with all Quechua tents, the sealing was crafted with great care and validated in the laboratory (whole TENT under 200 litres/hr/m ²!) and in mission-test. -Roof with polyurethane coated polyester double-watertight Seams by termocoladas bands-Ground in polyamide 140 g/m ².
Arches-all tents from Zipcodesexplorer to camping walk-Quechua have arches in aluminum for maximum lightness and resistance to rupture and the ice.(7001 aluminum with 8.5 mm in diameter).
Stakes – Ultra light and impossible to twist or bend (aluminium, 9 g per unit).
Warranty and after-sales service-guarantee 2 years in normal use – all stores Decathlon after-sales service guarantee if necessary replace any faulty element (covered under warranty) or broken (to pay) from the ceiling, double room, Arch bar or bag. Whenever it is not possible to replace, repair solution will be proposed.