RC Submarines

Those who are fond of the model, and love to build their own models, know that the RC submarines are between radio control vehicles more difficult to assemble, if we want to make it build ourselves (or sending to build) the parts needed. Fortunately, there are now armed for all scales, from the mini-submarinos kits, large models for underwater exploration.

For those just starting in the hobby of RC submarines, it is good to know some general details of these vehicles. For example, there are submarines and submersibles, which are not the same. In the first case are vehicles destined to float, you can immerse yourself, and are called “of fixed displacement”. In the second case, it’s vehicles intended for submergence (“variable or dynamic displacement” – http://www.wholevehicles.com/rc-tamiya-cars-327.html).

There are different systems to achieve immersion: for pumps, piston, gas pressure, or (EGR) closed-circuit. These systems must be kept with care since operated ballasts that allow the RC submarine dive. But if they were to fail, or we fail to pump control, we could not bring him back to the surface.

In general, the RC submarines operate with four radio channels: for the / s pump/s, the engine, rudder (direction of displacement), and dip. The radio signal standard used to command them through perfectly fresh water, but not saltwater, why cannot be used at sea. And, although it is hard to believe for those not in the know, the receiving antenna can be completely submerged, and still will receive the signal. But attention!: controls are not all submersible, so it is more than convenient find out what has our submarine, before immersing ourselves with it.

The RC submarines work uses commonly available batteries of nickel cadmium or lithium nickel, though, for models large scale generally used lead acid batteries, similar to the cars. Depending on the used battery, they have a range of between 30 and 180 minutes. And, depending on the size, they may exceed 2 metres in depth of immersion.

From mini-submarinos from few centimeters to children, through models scale 1/48, until you reach the scale 1/24 (or larger), there are RC submarines for all tastes and ages. Those of greater size tend to be models of historical and even fictional submarines: one of the most popular RC submarines is the replica of the famous Nautilus, Captain Nemo’s submarine.

If you want to find out more about how build your own RC submarine, we recommend visiting the link, where you will find lots of interesting information.