Rebel Wilson Clothing Line

Rebel Wilson is on the cover of the may issue of British Elle. It’s great to see one of our favorites here at Curves Ahead on the front page of a major international fashion magazine. And it makes me even more happy when I see that the interview with the 29-year-old actor is angled on the skills and talent and not a word about size.

To see the front page out:

Front for magazine’s subscribers:

Pictures: several fine

Woman in a male dominated world
In the interview in the magazine tells Rebel Wilson, among other things, about how she experiences being a woman in a male-dominated movie world:

– I’m experiencing, I have two types of jobs: my dream job as female comedian at the same time that I must commit myself in a male-dominated world. I have created three major movies with men. They are talented and know what they want; You will have to learn to commit yourself in this world. You start with being behind on points already with the screenplay. Usually you have no fat jokes and your main task is to support the male role. It’s not fair, but I love to be funny, so I improve my role in the process and work with the bit, I have to do well with to get it to fill as much as possible in the film.

Fun and unconventional acceptance speech
Earlier this year, Rebel Wilson voted Rising Star by the awarding of the ELLE Style Awards 2015. View the fine acceptance speech here, where Rebel Wilson in fine style joker with that she no longer is a rising star, but an actor who has long since turned his talent lay:

If you don’t live near a kiosk that sells Elle, you can buy the magazine through the app store to your iPhone or iPad via ELLE Magazine UK.

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