Rechargeable LED Lights for Bicycle

LED lamps for bicycles

Led bike lights are useful when you want to take night walks in a camp or needed to be transported but no light enough on the road. These rechargeable lamps are multifunctional, they can also be used as the head lamps, most of them have three modes of lighting, flashing, SOS and panoramic lighting.


It is an essential equipment to walk safely at night, at dawn or later. The headlamp for bicycle is detachable and can be used at any time, several of these types of lamps have a preventive taillight which also includes three lighting modes (fixed, intermittent and oscillating). The headlamp is made from lightweight and durable Aluminum, installation is not difficult, since you only need a clamp that many models bring included.

It is convenient to buy Rechargeable LED lamps, since the battery performance is continuous, approximately with little more than 20 hours in use, the battery life is 100,000 hours, this type of lamps are easy to recharge, it is enough to connect them to the power at home.


Dimensions and weight: approximately 225 gr 7cm (length) x 4cm (width) x 6cm (height)

Yield: 1200 lumens with 1200 lumens that handle this type of lamps you will see the landscape to your around with lighting as bright as the light of day. In addition, the powerful rapid pulse Flash will serve as a beacon when needed to get the attention of someone or warn in situations of danger.

Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery the battery life of 15-20 hours.