Rental of Toys

Available for rental about 150 toys in warehouse of Esposende

Rental of Toys

It was in the current crisis, with the consequent financial difficulties of the families, that Ana Cátia and Andreia found the decisive stimulus to venture into a toy rental business, a friend of the parents’ wallet.

“When renting, it takes home a toy for 20 percent of its cost in the market,”says Ana Cátia Ferreira.

If the crisis was the stimulus of the business, the inspiration came as a result of the personal experience of sharing toys between the daughters of Ana Cátia and Andreia.

These sisters, with small daughters, decided to buy toys “not in number but in quality” and set up a system of rotation of the same between the houses of both and even the grandparents of the children.

“From there the idea of ​​business was an instant”,says Ana Cátia, emphasizing the “immense money”that the rent of toys allows to save.

In addition, the project also allows free space at home, since it avoids the accumulation of toys that the child, for one reason or another, stops using.

The child, in turn, has the opportunity to change “having a new toy” much more frequently.

But the promoters of “Rent to Play”ensure that underlying the project are also other values ​​such as sustainable consumption and the importance of sharing.

“What matters is not having the toy, it’s playing.The kid wants to play.No need to buy, what it takes is play,”emphasizes Ana Cátia.

At the moment, according to, about 150 toys are available to rent, stored in a warehouse in Esposende, but the stock is constantly being updated.

In addition to the entertainment side, toys still have a strong pedagogical vocation.

The orders can be made online, guaranteeing the promoters deliveries at home, without additional costs, in all the municipalities of Greater Porto and still in Minho.

The rentals are usually monthly, which is the basic idea of ​​the project, but there are also customized packages for parties, holidays or even waiting rooms.

Before going to any customer, toys are sanitized and inspected to ensure all safety conditions for children.

The business started on May 4, symbolically on Mother’s Day, and, according to the promoters, membership has been good, although there is still “some way to go.”

“We live in a very consumerist society in which people like to buy, and these are habits that need time to change,”says Ana Cátia.