Review: Freya Pier Bikini

Good! I bring my first review for the blog or review as the modern bloggers say haha. As I said in the previous post I had long been looking for a new bikini that leave me reasonably priced. At last I got it , and I am delighted with him. It is the Freya Pier. Since summer is almost finished but hey better late than never!

He had between his eyebrows bikinis brand Freya Swim, because it seemed really cool, I had read good reviews and are fairly easy to find online. I could not find anything that I liked, outside my size and was in my price range, fairly cost me. Finally thanks to a promotion at Large Cup Lingerie I could place an order. I asked a couple to choose from : The first Pier who already had his eye on for some time, although there was only green was the color less less liked, and as I really liked the models they call  Bandless halter  me I ordered the Mirage to try. I prefer these than normal halter because clog less and go to the beach I prefer to stay the least possible number of brands. The Mirage was not in my size and decided to try his luck with a larger equivalent. Unfortunately neither she fits me.

This is the Pier in green:

I ordered a 32FF, but as you can see sports bra in the Philosophynearby I was very small. In profile picture looks like the cup I was very small. The actual color of the bikini is actually more beautiful, greener and less blue than it looks, at least on my computer.

This is the Mirage:


I chanced with 34F, but could not be. The part of the band was too big for me and so I was not holding enough. If you look at the photos you can see how the ring separates me from the base of the chest because I moved down to the bikini not hold enough. In the glass I was a little tad, it is not well appreciated in the photos but a full size cup would have been ideal. The colors were also much nicer in reality, much more alive. This type of bikini looked a little weaker than the previous one , which is quite logical considering that has much less fabric to hold us our stuff In fact, this type of bikinis think only make up the FF cup, it will be because for larger sizes should not work equally well.

I returned and no longer had the sizes I needed. I came to the conclusion that I needed not one but 2 glasses over Pier, so I looked everywhere and finally found it on Ebay in pink, it was just the color I liked:


I have to say I’m in love with this bikini. I love the color, I love the way I can spare a little frills but accept them, but mostly I’m in love with the quality and support. It is by far the best bikini I’ve ever had, although to be honest it is also the most expensive bikini I’ve ever had.

To begin with, is made with Xtra Life Lycra and note that is very elastic and is of very good quality, not in these two days have all misshapen. And then note that construction is done thoroughly, especially designed for large chest. They do not skimp on fabric, in seams or at auction.


The inside of the cups is whole lined with a fabric net (my knowledge of fabrics are amazing) that gives you more strength and also lengthens the contour. This did not happen with the Mirage, which had the outline done nothing but lycra. I called a lot of attention to the straps that are tied to the neck are “filled” with a fairly wide rubber and fat, which is what stretches when we attached. I had never had a bikini so, usually the laces are made with lycra bikini and lycra not bear much weight and deformed chest.


It is extremely comfortable. I have already used for sunbathing, swimming under a wetsuit and wearing it while doing some excursioncilla or drive to the beach for a while and is wonderful. No nails absolutely nothing in the neck, it’s almost like wearing a bra.

I also like the way that gives the chest. Although I think I still have a big wee bit. Seeing that the FF was I so small, I ordered two sizes bigger cup (GG), and maybe I would have been better a G I’m not sure that the portion carrying the steering wheel, which is where I left the FF chest, left me pretty well, do not spare me there. So maybe less me too tight stay there and I did the effect of having 4 tits. I see where bigger is in the ring and the armpit area. The fabric gets me high, right up under the armpit and I find it very strange because I’m not used to wearing such high bikinis. Otherwise, I say that I am delighted with him.

Definitely, I have to get more good and my size bikinis. Now I do not want to get those who had before or crazy (the same happens to you when you discover the well carved fasteners). To give you an idea of what I say, I put a picture of how I is compared with that until now was the bikini best left me (and also the one that had cost me). It is the Australian brand 2Chillies, which is quite expensive, and was a D cup


Little more to add. I love this bikini and I’m looking forward to having money to buy more!