Review SHOKE Police Transport Bag

We present the police transport bag of the brand SHOKE, said bag is made of 100% polyester nylon water resistant, also has a PVC coating.

The backpack itself weighs approximately 2 kg, and has the following dimensions:

Exteriors: 63.5 x 25.5 x 30.5 cm
Interiors: 45.7 x 20.3 x 30.5 cm

It has a front and side area with several pockets, as well as under the top cover.The front exterior has two types of pockets, the first is a central pocket with a Velcro closure, perfect for documents or small objects.In turn has an area to place some type of identification.On both sides has two equal pockets with elastic closure 25 cm long, which are designed to place bottles, lanterns or some luminous cone.

On the other hand we have two side pockets with a zip fastening of high strength, with more capacity than those mentioned above.

In the upper part of these pockets there are rings that allow the placement of a nylon strap to carry the bag hanging on the shoulder, which

It facilitates the transport and gives us another alternative to the conventional hand support to carry the bags.

We can appreciate that all these straps have a seams resistant and very well finished, which will give us a longer durability of the product in question.

On the other hand we have the inner pockets located at the bottom of the top cover. It has three pockets, two located at both ends with a zip fastening, and a central one with a velcro system.

This second pocket once opened provides us with a variety of options: from a hitch clip, through the velcro pocket itself and a section to the left to place three pens.

The ample space of its interior allows a division of compartments of adjustable form.

If we look at the outside of the top cover, we can see two

Components: the first would be a central Velcro that allows us the placement of some type of identification. And the second are two velcros located at both ends that are closed in a circular, allowing the placement of a defense or some flashlight.
To finish with the external analysis we can mention two relevant details, the first would be the existence of a locking system in the main zipper that together the two ends of the zippers allows us to put a padlock to ensure the contents of the bag.

And the second detail is the four protectors located in the bottom of the bag, which will provide a shield against the rubbing of the bag with the floor. Extending the life of this backpack.

Moving on to analyze the bag inside we can see that it comes with a series of accessories:

  • Two dividers to distribute the interior of the bag to our liking.
  • Two side plates to provide a rigid structure to the bag.
  • A lower support to provide a rigid base to the bag.

The bottom plate will suffice to place it to the bottom to have a more rigid base.

To install the side plates simply open the velcro on the upper side of the bag and insert the plate (this on both sides).

With regard to the distribution of the internal space, the bag has two types of velcro. The first are located on both sides and will allow us to use the larger separator to separate the contents of the bag into two. On the other hand we have another separator of smaller size that will allow us to separate one of the two compartments created in two others. Being soft separators can be played with the shape of the distribution to a large extent.