Rustic Style Kitchen Decor

Furnishing of typical and traditional environments such as, for example, town homes, kitchens in rustic masonry are customized solutions with that special charm that give a “warm touch” in most of the room.

Rustic Kitchens in Masonry: Structure and Details

Choose a built-in kitchen for the home means to prefer the traditional style, with its salient features of finesse and class.

Design a built-in kitchen means giving life to a structure of a certain size, solid and compact, designed in every detail, where every little space is used, balancing the wooden compositions, with the filler tiles of the spaces between a mobile and the ‘else, and to enhance its decorative appearance as possible.

To make a kitchen, as well as aesthetically appreciable, even maximally functional, you must opt for appliances that are embedded in its very structure, having the dimensions suitable to the various joints, which are characterized by Provence style details: brass handles or other materials, repainted in gold, ceramic knobs etc.

The built-in kitchens in traditional style, created to furnish and decorate rustic character par excellence, as country houses, mountain chalets, taverns … and soon the rage in urban homes, because they represent the perfect combination of aesthetics class functionality and excellent quality of materials used.

Rustic Kitchens in Masonry: the dominant colors

The high value of these kitchens comes from the right mix between wood and ceramics. As for the wood, the wood most used are walnut, mahogany, ash, cherry.

For what concerns the tiles, the preferred in rustic-style traditional square ones are of small size, usually 10 cm to 10 cm, chosen in a single color, usually clear, used to cover all the walls of sew (for reasons of hygiene and order), with a difference as regards the wall above stove and sink.

Usually in this area we are introduced more colorful tiles, always in light colors, like pastel colors, or otherwise characterized by a neutral background with surface decoration. The more traditional decorations are inspired by the domestic hearth: fruit, flowers and plants, coffee cups and other small tools, typical of the kitchen.

To complete these environments, to make them warm and welcoming, it is typical of the use of furnishings, especially those belonging to the category of “fabrics and curtains” (curtains, tablecloths, carpets …) giving more prominence to the rustic style -traditional.

practical advice for choosing the most suitable complements to the Rustic Kitchen in Masonry

Following an example of a combination of furnishings to complement, enhance and make more evident the charm of a built-in kitchen in a rustic style.

A white tent, embroidered with evidence , inspired by the classical world, reveals the winning choice in this type of cuisine.

An example, the curtains of Sliding Scheibengardinen.

These are two sliding curtains of 23 cm wide and 120 cm long.

Made of white polyester, with a delicate embroidery, with small tunnels and hearts veiled placed both in average height, which in the fabric finishing. A pair of curtains featuring an image fine, elegant and full of light.

From the windows to the table, a short step: other stuff to choose from, another combination to be studied in order to remain on the subject of peasant-traditional style.

The advice of experts is also to focus in this case of fine fabrics (like linen) and embroidery in the foreground, synonymous with wealth and sophistication.

The table covers could be the perfect model Square, 160×160, Euroricami of Viterbo.

It is a beautiful square fabric, light and bright, with white edging in ecru color, with lots of floral decorations in classical style.

In the central part of the table covers, a medium-sized panel takes color, shape and final rim decorations. We are in the presence of a model from the timeless charm.

In addition to the curtains and table covers, it must finish the kitchen with a nice carpet . To protect the floor from dirt and falling objects that could scratch the tiles, broadloom carpet in the kitchen, it proves an indispensable complement.

In the built-in kitchens decorated in rustic style the perfect carpet is characterized by neutral colors and delicate fantasies.

An example, Braided Model slip of The Rug House.

It is a mat of elongated shape , good to be placed under the wall equipped with burners and sink. Its dimensions are around: 57 cm wide by 180 cm long.

Its surface is characterized by a very dense network of thread-like fabrics in different colors and thicknesses. From this intertwining stem close-up images inspired by nature. Flowers and leaves, blurred contours, with great charm.

The dominant colors are beige, ivory, brown and light gray.