Samsung Galaxy Gear

With the Galaxy Gear Samsung finally presented the smartwatch clock that the technological world comes waiting for months. I could test it and unfortunately I must say: If we take into account the size of the expectations, the device is a big disappointment. The long awaited watch must be the next failure among the smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Hands-on Samsung Galaxy Gear

Here is the video of the smartwatch test:

Nothing discreet

Already knew what was in store for me when I saw it for the first time. Samsung brought a Public Relations Executive and clock designer especially of Korea to Berlin to present the infant properly. He was in front of the projector, laughed and shook his right wrist, where the Gear should be. I mean you should be because there was a large lump under the cloth jacket impossible not to be noticed. Was somewhat tragic to see the person responsible for the development of the unit show involuntarily as he will be a failure: for normal people it is simply too big and very robust.

The design is also a fiasco, because further highlights the size of the device. A massive metal frame attached to the box clearly visible screws, involves huge screen (1.63 inches, 320 x 320 pixel, AMOLED). The thick bracelet is made of plastic and metal latch comes in 6 color combinations (from black to orange).

The clock-escort

Samsung makes advertising Gear as “the perfect companion to the Galaxy Note 3”, and it should be considered anyway. Without a smartphone as central control, the watch is completely useless. Data transfer is done by Bluetooth, and initialization occurs by NFC, who works in a simple way and without problems. After that, with the application “Gear Manager” you have access to the design of the watch, or the apps specially developed, as the Runtastic. With the motion sensor the watch can tell the steps in a race, to name just one of the uses. With the launch, already there are about 70 applications for the Gear, according to Samsung.

Bracelet Samsung joined a 1.9 megapixel camera, which is always ready for pictures and does not need to be controlled by the smartphone. The photos taken in the manner of James Bond are synchronized automatically with the smartphone just after the camera app to be finalized. A look at the photos (that go to a gallery in smartphhone) confirm what was already clear: the quality is bad, the pictures are pretty much worthless.

The clock late

The interaction with the smartphone is the decisive element. The Galaxy Gear offers access to the voice’s Voice control of cell phones from Samsung. In addition, we are told on the screen of the watch when an email arrived or an appointment is scheduled. It is also possible to make calls with the clock, through the combined speaker and microphone-but I have not tested this function.

On the other hand, experienced many other functions, and I noticed that the system reacts late to commands. Application startup of pictures it took two seconds, and the change of the menu screens is also not the fastest. In fact, the clock is controlled by sliding your finger horizontally on the touchscreen, and a slide up always leads back to the previous menu level. When you get lost, just click the only physical button, in the upper right corner.

The slowness of the system to me is unexplained. The screen resolution is low, the processor 800 MHz seemed ride and 512 MB of RAM doesn’t do the trick.

Success through trial and error

The fact the battery last only a day, and you have to reload the device in a special dock (which actually looks like an adapter for the Pogo-Pins), is only the last man of Earth in this release-Galaxy Gear’s funeral. Does the Samsung believes a success? I have my doubts. But in this segment the Koreans Act for years with the same negligence which also features Google: trial and error are elevated to an art form. Products are thrown on the market, and then be to see what happens. This strategy often works, as was the case with the Galaxy Note, that introduziou the age of phablets.


The Galaxy Note 3 will be available from September in 149 countries, including Brazil.

Conclusion: the world tec waited in vain

The Galaxy Gear will be the next fiasco between the smartwatchs, and I wonder, how many more will be needed until the world finally understand that this concept is doomed to fail. Nobody needs a watch as an extension of the mobile screen. Maybe in five years, when the flexible screens hit the market at an affordable price, we can talk again in smartwatches. But now? Now I just hope Apple launch your watch and join the other: Sonny Smartwatch clock, Galaxy Gear: the cemetery of smart watches becomes increasingly crowded.