Samsung Galaxy Smart Watches

Currently the biggest competitor of pet Pebble is none other but the biggest electronics maker in the world – the Samsung. Koreans (south) have liked and “spitting” niche of smart watches. So serious were taken to the task and be the world’s largest manufacturer of smart watches (and portable dzhadzhdi). And so far failed because behave championship with a share of over 70% in sales for the first three months of this year (2014). During these three months even if they are offered only Galaxy Gear, which supposedly leads “not very successful”. Currently now offer two successor Gear 2 and Gear 2 the Neo, and smart sports bracelet clock Gear the Fit. Stores still actively offers the first generation Galaxy Gear, because there are still units for sale. This is normal because the Galaxy Gear turns only 7-8 months of its market launch. It’s almost certainly the development of own smart watch with USIM module (beep name Gear Solo), with which it will be possible making phone calls without the need of connected smartphone. The ambitions of the giant South Korea is confirmed by his work with goals 4 operating system for the needs of their wearable electronics. Used Tizen the OS (Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo), a modified Android (Galaxy Gear) and own “custom” RTOS (real-time operating system in Gear Fit). Factors at Samsung recently announced and appear on the market this year of smart clock with the new operating system Android Wear. These days appeared about patent Samsung, which examines the development of another smart watch, but this time with classic round shapes and gesture control. At the same time appeared rumors and ready for sale Gear 3, which may be any of the above supposed models. Now we will look at the current market “smart” watches with Samsung Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear.

We will start with their first participation last year in the new segment. We are talking about Samsung Galaxy Gear, which was a small revolution and almost no competition (except Pebble, but he has a different approach and is in another category). Galaxy Gear was released in September 2013. The deliveries normalized in December. The watch offers quality workmanship, nice design and good technical parameters, but also received much criticism from experts and buyers. Not liked the camera and microphones in the chain that was too big, awkward and insufficiently flexible. The price did not meet the limited functions at first, and inadequate battery life, which is probably due to insufficient optimized for wearable electronics operating system – namely, a modified Android. Galaxy Gear still had interesting qualities and stable operating functions such as the ability to receive and make phone calls, receive different notifications and receive test messages. Galaxy Gear allows the creation of relatively high quality photos and videos (short) with built-in camera. The device has no ports to save valuable space in the cabinet. Early Galaxy Gear worked only with the modified version on Android, but Samsung recently allowed ‘painless’ transition to their own operating system Tizen, which operates next generation Gear 2. Details and directions for this update can be obtained from our website on the topic . Early supply of Galaxy Gear market was fairly software problems and shortages that had to wait relevant “updates” to be solved. Disadvantages him even led to comparison with the MP3 “player” iPod Nano of Apple, which in the sixth generation had the opportunity to become a clock with informal chains. At the end of 2013. supplied in stores units of the Galaxy Gear is about 800,000, but not all are sold. According to analysis Strategy Analytics, however, Samsung e sold over 500,000 copies smart watches in the first three months of 2014, which means that it is a Galaxy Gear, because Gear 2 series was not yet on the market. Anyway, Galaxy Gear is the best selling smart watch for in 2013, and for the first three months of 2014. With detailed features can be read in the page of Samsung Galaxy Gear in our catalog smart watches.

General changes in the respective niche of smart watches made ​​appearance in March of specialized operating system Android Wear. The main idea of Google’s implementation of Android Wear was clear – giant wants to stimulate the development of smart electronics to wear (wearables, wearable computers), and in particular of smart watches to impose its operating system standard in this area (as did the original Android). Yet Android Wear will conquer their territories because it is assumed that the majority of future products (Asus, HTC) will choose exactly Wear for its ecosystem. Naturally, these steps Google’s consecutive monopolizing the entire segment pouplashiha their biggest partner Samsung. Trying to catch up in the situation, Samsung decided quickly to offer new generations of smart watches, but this time based on its own operating system Tizen.

As previously mentioned, Galaxy Gear was introduced in September 2013, and then a little slow in sales. So a few months later, on 22 February 2014, Samsung presented his successors – Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, and smart bracelet Gear Fit. Their sales started in early April. All news and articles about Samsung (mostly smart devices) you can view in our cloud topics for giant from South Korea.