Samsung Gear S Tizen-based Smartwatch

The gadget has an integrated 3G module and SIM card slot, thanks to which owners can use the clock to direct calls to the mobile network to send and receive messages, and other Internet communication – for example, to download notifications from social networks. Of course, the down is also possible to combine a smartphone if the user prefers this option.

Gear S is based on a dual-core processor with an operating frequency of 1 GHz, and the operating system Tizen, not Android Wear. Another feature is the fold 2-inch touch screen type Super AMOLED, which has a resolution of 360 × 480 pixels. RAM is 512 MB and built-in flash memory storage – 4 GB. The dimensions of the widget are 39,8 × 58,3 × 12,5 mm.

Furthermore, the clock Samsung Gear S is equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1 wireless adapter, GPS/GLONASS receiver, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, barometer, light sensor, sensor ultraviolet radiation and such heartbeat. This impressive touch range allows the device to be used as a fitness tracker in combination with applications like Samsung S Health or Nike + Running. Navigation instructions do they provide system Nokia HERE.

Clock Gear S has protection from moisture and dust which meets the requirements of the standard IP67. Power is provided by a battery with a capacity of 300 mAh, whose charge according to official figures provided two days normal operation. Charging her going through a USB port like iWatch.

Along with the announcement of its new smart watch Samsung has announced a new Bluetooth 3.0-based furniture Gear Circle. With its inclusion to a smartphone, users can answer calls, listen to music or make voice commands. Headset is equipped with vibrosignal, touch sensor and Micro-USB port for charging the battery capacity of 180 mAh, which provides 11 hours talk time. An interesting point is that when the gasket is not used, it can be converted into a necklace, thanks to the special magnetic clasp.

Sales are expected to watch Samsung Gear S and mobile furniture Gear Circle to begin in October. Prices, however, so far not reported.