Samsung Gear S2 Europe

According to HealthVV, the Band Samsung Adapter for Gear S2 starts to peep on the market; the first sighting is on e-shop German, but we found evidence in other countries such as Belgium. The price is around 25-30 €, and is made available in two colours: white/light grey and dark grey. The component allows shoppers to apply the smartwatch party exploiting the straps standard in place of the owner designed by Samsung.

The first rumors on the accessory were leaked towards the end of last March thanks to xda-developers. Is compatible only with Gear S2, while the Gear S2 Classic doesn’t need it because it uses a standard and is therefore compatible with the straps of a third party.

It’s easy to assume that over the next few days, the Band Adapter will be available in most European markets, including hopefully that too Italian. In any event, even assuming an order from (which anyway does not ship outside of Germany), you should take into account a few days of waiting, in fact estimated UPS shipping time is approximately one week. In Belgium there is even talk of early may, better then wait some more development.