Sandals with SOCKS Turns Fever in the Fashion World

In Paris, fashion week New York, Milan and São Paulo she was there. The Socks (or 3/4) won a new pair instead of sneakers, the fashion now is to combine a half with sandal. Can be nylons, thick, glossy, matte or colorful. In a not very rigorous winter like Brazil, the style can be useful to warm up your feet without giving up the sandal.

“The fashionistas more tuned with the fashion world have already joined. Brands such as Dior and Chloe brought the ‘ double ‘ for the catwalk. It’s charming and feminine. Values even more the look if used with skirt or dress, “says Bruna Oliveira, Arezzo.

See expert tips not to miss:

Who has thin legs:
“It’s the ideal body type. It’s perfect with dresses, skirts and shorts above the knee, more charming and current “, says Bruna Oliveira.

Who has thick legs:
“Always wear sandals in the same color of the half. Creates the sensation of elongated legs, “says Bruna.

Who can use:
For Bruna, the combination is perfect for “young women, modern and have attitude to hold a modern look like this”. Janaina Gradvhol, Guapa Loca, also suggests the look for the latest. “The kids can use colored and stamped. Is beautiful and modern.”

Who cannot use:
“There is a generally accepted fact. It’s good to just pay attention in proportion”, says Bruna. For who is no longer a teenager and want to join, Janaína gives the hint:”Just take a chance on black. Women over 40 years may not use”.

Check out the Photo Gallery below to learn which brands have joined the fashion and see examples of how to set the combination.