Sassy Dress Like Emma Watson

Are you tired of black, is this trend that causes you to brighten up the winter darkness and sets you apart from the crowd. In other words, it is the trend for you, who is not afraid to attract attention.

For it is just what the print and colours make.

Therefore you can also deliberately use colors to highlight, or camouflaging your body. Use the strong colors on the part of the body that you would like to highlight. You do this by putting the strong colors, along with a more neutral color on for example can be the classic black which is a nice contrast to the colors. Cube on it you want to emphasize, neutral on it you want to camouflage.

In this context, you should be aware that bright colors attract attention and the darkness camouflages.

In the same way you can put black tights for a dress with print or in strong colours in order to downplay the total expression.

Are you a know the color scared, try experimenting with the colors in the form of accessories such as shoes or bag. Here you can also play with putting colored tights for your plus size black skirt or dress.

Dress up to size 50, approximately 450 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Shoes, size 36 to 41, 399 USD + shipping, H & M

Jumpsuit, up to size 56, ca. 280 USD + shipping, Pink Clove

Upper with zipper in the back, up to size 52, ca. 280 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Pants up to size 50, ca. 900 KR. + shipping, Booth

Tunic , up to size 58, ca. 430 USD + shipping, Simply Be

Clutch, 275 USD + shipping, & other stories

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