Look what I bought in Dublin

Ah yes, Ah yes. On my vacation in Dublin, I had neither been shopping it, I had planned or in volumes, I had imagined.

but now that I have come home and have tried the clothes on in the context of clothes from the closet, on the other hand, I have no doubt that my four purchase + two pairs of shoes are going to be used again and again. For it is both clothes that make me happy and who can mix with it I already have hanging.

And let me already here lament. While I was in the physical stores not found some of the items, I had fallen in love with me in the various marks webshops, with one exception, I come home clothes that are not in the tag Web shops. So here you get instead shoppe-alternatives from other brands.

The classic stripes – from Forever 21

I love, love the classic black and white stripes, which I so far have only had in the form of the upper parts. This skirt is a super fine alternative to the black pencil skirt and can also easily be used usually with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Alternative stripes, up to size 56, approx. 100 USD + shipping, New Look Inspire

the elegant upper – from Marks & Spencer

If there is one thing I always missing, so is the bodice that makes it easy to go to the party, because it just is perfect for a black skirt. I have now found with this with this here, there is lively with the strong colours but at the same time elegant and classic due to the black base color. It will also be quite fine for a pair of jeans and loafers for a more relaxed look.

Alternative flowers, up to size 50/52, 599 USD + shipping, carmakoma

Basic purchase – from GAP

it should be no secret that I was nicely disappointed with my visit to the GAP store in Dublin. For good enough is the GAP started selling clothes up to size 52 in their Web store, but the only thing they had in large sizes in the physical store was sweaters. So it was, what it was for in GAP – a nice sweater for cool summer evenings.

-jacket up to size 52, approximately 225 USD + shipping, GAP

Impulse purchase – Red Herring at Debenhams (Debenhams webshop does not send to Denmark)

This kimono smoke run and well down from the stand in Debenhams because I fell in love with me on the spot in the PCB. And then I’m also pleased with my black kimono over the winter and thinking that this model turquoise with flowers is a good summer alternative. As you can see, I will briefly and well use my kimono to jeans, but I also have an idea that it will be fine over a loose summer dress.

Alternative kimono, up to size 56, ca. $ 499.99., ASOS Curve

Shoes from Clarks

I have short and forgotten all about Mark Clarks. So it was a wonderful reunion in the shops in Dublin. It was love at first sight with the blue, which is a collaboration between the Irish designer Orla Kiely and Clarks.
Clarks sends unfortunately not to Denmark from their international web shop, and it doesn’t seem to, that cooperation is to be found in the Danish business where my snake print ballerinas (model Gino Dawn) also only seems to be in the black, coral and silver.

here you can find your nearest dealer by shoes from Clarks

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