Security Camera with Night Image Failure

Personally speaking we are going to have another issue that is well commented and that many have problems there that is with the image of security cameras at night, the image turns gray bad, the infrared camera does not work right among other problems that are cited by Then we will pass some tips and situations that have to be taken into account to solve this type of problem.

Security Camera with Night Image Failure

So let the security cameras that have the Day Night function this cameras at night it gets the image a little strange due to Night or night function as prefer this function does a light compensation in the environment where the camera is often installed the image Of the camera turns black and white, but when an expensive person passes it it adjusts the image back to the normal colors.

Camera Tip Day Night – Do not use mini camera with Day Night function they usually leave the image bad and gray at night, we recommend the use of cameras with Sony CCD and that is semi professional or professional camera unless the environment where it is Installed the Mini Day Night camera is not poorly lit.

Infrared Camera Tip – Be aware of the electrical current consumption of these cameras, often feeding this camera into a monitoring system has to be separated from the other cameras to avoid signal loss when triggering your infrared.

Securitypology recommends that you use individual source for infrared cameras or use a good quality switching power supply with high current to avoid losing or losing power.