See 5 Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Fashion Consultant gives tips on how to wear the boot with skirt, shorts, leggings and jeans; check it!

The over-Knee boots, above the knee, have already won famous  names  like  Sophia Abrahão  and  Fernanda Lima. Winter trend shoes in 2015, they combine with skirts, pants and shorts, but if used in the wrong way, can destroy the harmony of the look. 
Fashion consultant  Milena Araújo  from Mundo de Eme blog gives tips on how to wear boots with 5 different pieces; check it!


Giovanna Ewbank and Sophia Abrahão

” Over The Knee with Dress is already a classic combination, but which dress should I wear? Bet on the tapered and hip models on the hip. To exaggerate) and a boot.To balance the look, choose a longer jacket or an overcoat.It is sexy and not vulgar.


Sabrina Sato and Rafa Brites

I love this combination! She is beautiful and dangerous at the same time! Nothing to wear to oer The knee with very short skirt and short. So girls, I say this combination is dangerous, we have to be careful not to make a bad mistake! We do not want to look like TV characters. We should choose a skirt with the ideal length for our body, nothing too short and nothing too long. Remembering that this boot is already very sexy by itself, so it does not need to show much. Wear skirts or fabrics. One cool option is a leather skirt with a well-stripped sweatshirt. This combination looks very young and modern. The loose sweater breaks some of the sensuality of the boot and everything is relaxed and beautiful. Or if you are a more classical person and want to get a more formal impression, wear the boot with a fabric skirt and shirt, also have no mistake.


Yasmin Brunet and Fernanda Lima

” If you want a more modern look, choose the short jeans, T-shirt and leather jacket, these three pieces will put on a very modern look, well street style, but if you do not like this style, bet on the shorts The tailor’s shorts bring an air of ‘tidy up ‘.”

Leggings or Jegging

Angélica and Kendall Jenner

This is a great tip! Perfect match for anyone who wants to sharpen their silhouette and look slimmer. It’s the classic combination of inspiration in the mount. Combine a legging or black jegging with Over The Knee and this will bring an impression of stretching. Jegging is a leggings version of jeans. I also love these models! Bet on a very loose T-shirt, a robe, or even a Trench Coach, this will depend on the weather. With Trench Coach you get super chic! Two important points: These pieces that I quoted to combine with legging can never go beyond the boot and form one piece! If this happens, we will have the opposite effect: you will get flat! The ideal length of a blouse to wear with a legging is that it covers at least a little of the hip and butt. Another important point is: Never wear leggings with a fair tank top or any over tight top. In this way, the hip is in evidence and consequently bigger. Incidentally, never wear leggings with a T-shirt, leave this combination to the gym“.


Becky G and Miranda Kerr

” Over The Knee more jeans, it looks easier to combine? I think not! An important tip: the pants have to be skinny! As the boots already make a certain volume, other cuts of jeans will weigh in the look and will not Keep it cool.. Remember: It’s important to use the slacker top, remember jegging? Those tips are good for jeans too, so you prefer jeans, sweatshirts, sweatshirts and loose jackets”