See the Best Action Cameras Available in Brazil

The first brand that comes to the minds of most users when it comes to action cameras is certainly GoPro. With a wide line, varied and for many years in the market, the manufacturer continues innovating to please its consumers. However, there are already many options in the market that can take the space of the leader of the category with resistance and quality.

Check out the list of the five best action cams available in Brazil to record adventures and practice extreme sports with perfection. Among the options are cameras from Garmin, TomTom and Sony .

  1. Gopro HERO 4 Silver

Many may be surprised by the choice of HERO 4 Silver and not the Black version for that list, but there’s a good reason for that: the touchscreen LCD. Opting for Black (which costs about $200 more) means you can record 4K videos at 30 fps, that’s right. However, Silver also makes videos in 4K, but with 15 fps.

Considering that the picture quality for videos and photos of Silver is really excellent (1080p with 60 fps, plus 4K and 12 MP for photos), it is worth to keep the price more in account (average of R $ 2,399) and the 15 fps less to have the LCD touchscreen, which makes the use of the camera much more practical (without so many clicks and turns in the menu).

In addition, the model’s display allows you to better control framing at the time of shooting and shooting, without severely compromising battery consumption according to As it is a GoPro, there is a guarantee of a robust, sturdy, small size device and, of course, with a multitude of accessories available to attach to the camera wherever you want.

  1. Garmin Virb Xe

Less popular than GoPro cameras, the Garmin Virb XE brings an incredible differential to extreme sports and adventure lovers. The device is able to record various data on its movement, including acceleration, distance, speed and temperature. The information shows not only the images of its performance, but also concrete figures to help in the practice of the activities.

Although relatively unknown, the camera can be easily found for purchase on Brazilian websites, with an average price of R $ 2,360. The device is capable of making videos with 1080p at 60 fps, has a great stabilization system and comes with accessories to place it on flat or curved surfaces.

In addition, the Garmin Virb XE has an easy-to-use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, a protective case-free case (its body withstands up to 50 meters deep in the water) and is compatible with GoPro accessories. Transition from one brand to another without problems.

  1. Tomtom Bandit 4K

The Bandit 4K is TomTom’s first action camera and has already hit the market showing quality and innovation. Designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, the action cam is also capable of recording speed and temperature data, just like Virb XE.

Its main feature is the integrated USB port, which requires no cables when transferring content to the PC. The handset also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, allowing not only data transfer but also the camera’s remote control.

The TomTom handset can be found in Brazil for an average price of $ 2,999. You’ll get 4K at 15 fps movies, 16 MP photos and a GoPro accessory adapter. The only weak point is that you will need to buy a special lens for diving and only then will the camera be fully waterproof (up to 40 meters deep), since the basic package comes with only a lens that is resistant to splashes and dirt.

  1. Sony Action Cam 4k Fdr-X1000v

With each new camera in its line of action and adventure, Sony brings new specifications that gradually put the brand as one of the big names among action cams. The 4K FDR-X1000V may not have the most affordable price on this list (averaging $ 2,499), but it certainly brings in great quality features.

The main difference compared to competitors is the Vivid function, able to make the colors of the images more vibrant and faithful to the original tones. Another plus, of course, of 4K recording at 30 fps, is that the camera comes with a stabilizer and a noise reduction. These two features make the device a great choice for speed lovers who like to record adventures.

Despite having a design questioned by many users, since it is not so small and has a little intuitive menu, Sony’s camera is dirt-proof and splashes of water even out of its case (with protection, the camera resists 10 Meters of depth).

  1. Gopro HERO4 Session

One of the most recent releases of the brand, GoPro Hero 4 Session was designed especially for those looking for image quality within the most compact device possible: a small cube smaller than 4 cm in size and only 74 g in weight.

The Session is the only option on this list that does not shoot in 4K, however, it offers high quality images with superview option. The camera goes beyond the traditional 1080p to capture 1440p and 30fps images. Another interesting point is the square shape that allows you to place the device in any direction in your accessories, which makes the use even more practical and prevents some images from being side or upside down.

The camera still has a Dual Mic function, with two audio capture sources. Placed as the most affordable option on the list, the average price of $1,999.

Of course there are more options in mind, such as the Polaroid Cube or even the GoPro Hero+LCD. These models are reasonable and can be good entry-level cameras in the world of action cams. However, the list only shows the ones with the highest image quality and strength, so you can create the best content possible.