See Ways to Take Better Care of Your Underwear

The impression we have is that lingeries have a certain expiration date.  After some time of use, they completely lose form and function and need to be discarded. Not necessarily. It all depends on how you take care of your parts.

See Ways to Take Better Care of Your Underwear

Finding the perfect bra for your biotype or those non-branded panties can be considered an impossible task, so it’s worthwhile to separate a few extra minutes to take care of your pieces so they last as long as possible. British Marie Claire spoke with creative director of underwear brand Agent Provocateur, Sarah Shotton, to learn exactly how to extend the life of her pieces.

1.Before washing a bra do not forget to fit the clasp. This prevents the side straps from losing their shape and’stretching’ over time.

2.Store your lingerie in a special packaging for these pieces. Since many of them feature embroidery and lace that are delicate, that’s one more reason to pay attention to storage. You can click here to know more about this subject.

  1. Place leather items in the freezer to shrink. Bras of this material lose their shape through use-they adapt to the body with ease. Out that, the tighter these pieces, the sexier you feel.

4.Use gloves to put on pantyhose and strap-on garters. Holes and shreds are not fancy.

  1. Remember to have two panties for each bra: this is the main trick to always have matching sets at hand, without having to depend on thousands of different pieces in the drawer-which also gives you more space to you already have.