Sennheiser Headphones: What are best?

This comparison between the best headphones Sennheiser do for the demand of users. Mark not told us anything. We thought that manufacturer deserves a publication due to the interested who are our users on it. So as always, it shall prevail the objectivity and we will see the most outstanding models.

Does not even need to be an expert to know of the headphones Sennheiser audio. German sound brand has become recognized worldwide as one of the best in the world and more since it was founded in 1945. It is not only one of the brands most professionals prefer, but so is consumer good sound and value for money.

There are many styles and varieties of colors of the Sennheiser headphones so we are sure that you will find that most fit your needs, either over-ear, on-ear or in-ear. But if you are wondering what are the best Sennheiser helmets, we cover in this article.

Best sellers. Sennheiser HD 201 (€40)

When someone searches for “Sennheiser headphone” most likely to be in the hope of finding this model. It is not the best but it is the best selling for years. They are inexpensive and so cost truth is that they have filled stores with good opinions and recommendations. No doubt you can forget having a sound rather than professional as some headphones Sennheiser they get, but if you have a budget less than €50 and want a headset covering all ears, these are the best you can buy.

Best price found: €29
Currently in the top offer you can find them at a ridiculous price and as you can see has a 9 of 10 in the ratings. We also test it at the time and if need a pair of headphones if or and we would like them to this manufacturer, this would be the first choice if we were in a hurry.

Due to its construction makes that external sounds are not leak too (passive), but basically we recommend it for internal use at home. To enjoy the music at about 20 euros right now you won’t find it at many other sites. If you’ve come here looking for this price and model them already have, if you want more quality stay with us that we will be increased.

Best in-ear. Sennheiser CX 300-II (€50)

Although the description of the product say “low increased” you do not alter, does not make it so powerful that destroy you your eardrums, the truth is that they sound clear as Crystal. There is a reason that these headphones Sennheiser have been valued as well by so many people. In fact they came out in 2001 and they have continued to be continued by the company, it will be like that.

Best price found: €49
Although time ago that they are with us, they are still to date and fashionable. The only thing that did not like us to try them out has been missing controls in the cable, considering that they were made even before that there are the smart mobile. In addition to this, if you want a solid pair of headphones Sennheiser in-ear about 50 euros, these are those that you buy, be sure right.

Best Sennheiser wireless headphones. RS 160

If you are familiar with our blog will know that we have a comparison of headphones, wireless to see cinema and movies where the RS 160 have been highlights for several consecutive years. Be discontinued recently and it went RS 165 model, however there is still stock of the 160 that are those who follow recommended until they finish. For money as Sennheiser wireless headphones are the best we’ve seen in a long time, and both users and experts are surprised by its slightly worse update…

Best price found: €139
Here’s a good deal of this pair that is still in the market and recommend whether or if. They are of extremely high quality. Recommend them above any pair that can cost 300 or up to 400 euros for less than 200 euros have the best market in Sennheiser wireless headphones with any other brand.

They are closed at the back, dynamic, comfortable sound and clear. Come with your transmitter for charging, connect and leave there helmets resting. What we like in this series is that up to 4 people can hear the sound source at the same time. The range is very large reaching more than 250 feet, and the battery lasts much up to 24 hours after loading them. They are simply the best choice if you want a headset Cordless Sennheiser that do the job and are looking for maximum comfort for hours.

If you look at the article that we have linked at the beginning of this section, you’ll see more cheap, expensive alternatives and also for people with hearing problems. So you know, buying these you won’t regret it.