Seven Out Of Ten Women Do Not Have Your Size And Bra Cup

Today we share with you all the interview we did in El Periodico de Catalunya where we talked about the problems surrounding the sizes and bra cups that as skilled professionals in the sector, check daily.

In our country a deeply rooted custom of fixed only in size and forget the cup (yes, the letter goes on labels fasteners) and right here is where we have the problem as we explain in the article.

It is precisely the cup, that is, the letter which measures the difference between our breast contour and outline our back.

And why is it so important cup in a bra?

Very easy. As we said, the cup is the difference between contour chest and contour back and that is extremely important because the bra should make the most of the clamping force on the back and not the suspenders (as they believe most women). If a fastener is strength in the shoulder straps, we carry the cervical and if buxom, we can even have back pain, postural problems … Above, if the fastener is wide back, we are climbing up excessively decreasing the subject and we sat down fatal.

To properly fasten the bra should fit snugly back to our environment and therefore should be of our size and glass.

Another important point is the quality of the bra. Being a garment must fulfill its aesthetic mission, its main function is secure so that the quality of fabrics, tailoring and design make it more or less functional. Do not forget!

Another way to explain why the bra cups is that every woman has a different type. There are some with rather square types (cups A, B), with rates with some curves (cups C, D) or more curvys women (drinks E, F, G, H …). Can all have the same contour but pectoris back contour (measured below the chest) will vary considerably from each other.


How to calculate the size and bra cup?

In you have all the information necessary for you to calculate your size and glass. All we have to warn you is that the size and cup result of your actions bring them into the automatic calculator sizes and bra cups  is your European size (different from Spain). If you want to know your Spanish size you should only add 15 to the size that has left you in the computer.

We hope this has been helpful information that you contact us if you want us advise you personalized way in choosing a perfect bra for you.