Shopping in Dublin City Centre

In Dublin’s Henry Street/Mary Street – the two streets is in fact a long pedestrian shopping streets, where you don’t really notice that the street changes name – North of the River Liffey, rather you must devote well with time to go into business.

Here you will find, among other things, a large selection of shops with the plus-marks, as you may already know from your online shopping. It is a pleasure to be able to see, feel and test vehicle, but let me point out right away that the Committee in the physical stores are far, far less than in marks webshops.

Ilac Shopping Centres

You may already be familiar with brands such as The Collection, J city Jasper Conran and RJR. John Rocha from Magazine, but here is the Committee much larger.
WWW: does not send to Denmark from their Web store

River, Iceland
No, we cannot fit the clothes. But they are really good for the price-friendly accessories such as shoes, bags and jewelry.
WWW: River Iceland

Jervis Shopping Centre

Forever 21
High praise for not saving their plus in a dusty corner. I missed actually first Department because it mixed so well in with the rest of the business.
WWW: Forever 21

Marks & Spencer
Also has a store at Crafton Street, if it fits better in relation to your other plans in Dublin
WWW: & Spencer

New Look Marks – Inspire
Who make H & M-fine with saving their plus in secluded corner of an otherwise great business. You will find it under the escalator in the basement.
WWW: New Look

I thought at first, they had stopped making large sizes, as they I could look at hoops only went up to size UK 18 (46). But a friendly clerk assured me that they continue to make their clothes up to size 22 UK (50), and that you just need to ask for the larger sizes, if they are not to be found on the racks.
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You can also visit

GAP, 12 Henry Street
This, however, was the biggest disappointment. For in this GAP-business, they had only their sweaters in large sizes. So nothing with neither shirt dress, pants or shorts for me. On their website you can buy their clothes up to size 52.

Evans, 42, Henry Street
A tiny little shop, which most of all looked like something that was about to close. Pitiful selection and not worth spending time on.

Pennys, Evans 47 Mary Street
In the first place was my confusion, since it says Primark total on all the labels in the vehicle. A clerk reported that in Ireland is Pennys equals Primark. Something with that they have retained the name Shiva, in order not to confuse their customers!
WWW: did not

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