Shoppingguide: Stockholm with a plus

One Swedish fashion – and you probably thinking on ålestramme jeans and men in very narrow blazer jackets. In fact, you would think that it was quite impossible to be over a size 38 hinsidan. But that is how it is fortunately not.

admitted that the Committee is not as impressive as in London, but I’ve even done a part fine shop in Swedish stores. It says Stockholm on your vacation plans (and it had to consider, for it is a deeejlig City), so make sure that these places stand on the to-do list:

H & M
Of course, you have to visit H & M in the chain’s own home country. Expect the same range as in Denmark – but maybe you can save a little on price.
Best buy: Shapewear and basic things
Sergelgatan 22 and Sergelgatan 1 (Sergels Torg)

Lindex is a chain, located all over Sweden – and they have a brand into plus sizes, Generous. It is very budget-friendly priced, but still manages to catch the latest trends.
Best buy: Tops in bold print and fine lingerie
Sergelgatan 1 (Sergels Torg) and Ringvägen 115 (Söder)

In most major Swedish cities veneer you Kappahl, which among others have had Swedish former Bond babes as faces of tøjkæden. They have a under line in plus sizes, XLNT, which is strong on particular lingerie. It is not here, you’ll find the latest trends, but you must use a black cardigan or other basic commodities, is the spot.
Best buy: Bras, tunics and leggings
Hamngatan 37 (Gallerian) 53 and Sergel Arcade, Drottninggatan 12-14 (Sergel arcade)

Maybe you’re before encountered Åhlens, a chain of smaller but very stylish department stores. They have a lot of so-called ‘ private label’-brands, including Å +, which is their signature clothing line in large sizes. It is single clothes without too many frills, but in good average and often also sewn well.
Best buy: Tops and base products
Klarabergsgatan 50 and Östermalmstorg 1-3

Svenska kläder
The name implies that we’re almost in more classic, maybe a little damede marks. But you are a little up in the years, you will definitely be able to find a few really flattering jeans or a dress here, where the proprietor would like to come with personal guidance.
Best buy: Jeans and festive clothes
Sveavägen 94

Marga Ståhl
A little outside the Stockholm is Marga Ståhl. Here you get personal service and lots of expertise – preferably with a big grin. The range is classic with a little sporty and raw style, team especially eye with some of the Danish brands such as Molly-Jo and Elinette as well as underwear from Calida.
Best buy: Dresses, jackets and underwear
Vendevägen 9A
182 69 djursholm

Gudrun Sjödén
Not decidedly plus brand, but spacious clothes up to size XXL. Very colorful, in soft natural materials and good to you, who love layers on layers.
Best buy: Pretty dresses
Stora Nygatan 33, Götgatan 44 and Upplagsvägen 1 (outlet)

Print our sizing guide and take it along on your vacation, so you can find your correct size: size guide

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