Short Jersey Summer Dresses

Hear stomach and ass to among your sore points, you may have a tendency to hide both in loose and long blouses.

I have even been there, but over the years my blouses were shorter and in many cases also more tight-fitting. It has nothing to do with the fact that my weight at the same time has gone down. It is a fairly stable around 95 kilos. But over the years I have done me the experience to my attempt to hide stomach and ass has gotten me to appear larger than I actually am.

By hiding instead of highlighting, two things will happen:
Your waistline disappear, and you hit your ass in. both makes you appear larger.

On top of that attracted people’s gaze to where your upper ends. If it does it on the place where your ass is widest, you draw attention to the sore spot that you in fact wish to camouflage.

Therefore makes the short shirt a difference
With a short jacket, you avoid hitting your ass in. You also, to avoid your uppers ends at the widest place on your ass. If you even buy a shorter shirt in a tight-fitting model gets you also highlighted your waist and thus the location on your upper body where you is at its narrowest. Both will get you to sight less than if you try to save your body.

I think it is a challenge to find plus-size of parts that are not both loose and long. Therefore, I was happy when I saw this jacket at the GAP. The ending before it hits the bredestes place on my ass. Good enough is this model a know more broad than I could immediately be desired, but it works nonetheless as intended, when it first comes on.

Jersey, up to size up to size 52, approximately 186 USD + shipping, GAP

Jeans from Justin rose. My model is currently only back in size 52
You can view all jeans from Juna rose here

Sneakers, size 36-41, 179 USD + shipping, H & M

Skirt, up to size 3XL, 79.95 + shipping, H & M +

Shoes from Geox in the model from a previous season. This model is very similar:
Shoes, size 34.5 – 41, ca. 970 USD, Geox

shirt is very short. In order to avoid a piece with bart, I only get to use it with my bottoms, which have high-waist.

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