Short Sleeve Long Cardigan Sweaters

the Cardigan is perfect to keep the cold from the body on those days when you’re not in the mood for the vamsede Jersey.

But it is important to keep the tongue straight into his mouth, for the lovely cardigan does not necessary show something good for your overall appearance. It is a question both about length, and where you choose to scarce Cardigan.

A traditional cardigan tends to hide your body instead of highlighting your shape as a map does. Just look here:

The long cardigan highlights not in the same way your waistline, but it creates a vertical line on your body that makes you appear taller. With the long cardigan you can also mark your waist with a belt.

So it actually also makes a world of difference, where you choose to unbutton your cardigan:

Read why in the wizard: When you your buttons cardigan on parenting site?


Green, up to size 52, approx. 190 USD + shipping, GAP

Dotted, up to size 52/54, 249.95 USD + shipping, Bon’a Parte

Rosa (available in 11 colors), up to size 50, approximately 450 USD + shipping, Booth


Grey, up to size 52, ca. 335 USD + shipping, GAP

Rosa, up to size 52/54, Bon’a Parte 499.95 KR.,

Black, up to size 54 , 782.90 USD + shipping, Studio with Navabi

MIX with
Fine over parts when you’re tired of sweaters

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