Simple Black Peplum Top

I love to make a good buy. And this is not necessarily about price. A really good buy is for me a shop, where a new item gives new life to the clothes I already have hanging in the closet. How to buy A is my new uppers.

I have been long been searching for a great simple black upper. It sounds like a simple task, but until I stumbled across this, they have to share, I have viewed, simply been too big and tent-like. This is good for me, since the highlights without being for an athletic. And so it is also a blessing to find a completely single upper, they neither have ornaments in the form of sequins or rivet detailing.

Upper, up to size XL, 299.95 us., Saint Tropez. It is not in their Web store, but you can find the nearest physical store here – please ask for style M1583

Usually shirt is perfect for everyday for a pair of jeans.
My black jeans model Nille from an earlier collection at Zizzi.
View Committee in model

Are you here on Fj look for boots with space for plus-put, so check out this post – a row of the displayed is currently on sale in boots

For leisure
The Jersey is also fine for leisure. To put this into the soft trousers and uppers the cozy cardigan instead for quite a alminelig t-shirt just withdraw this look up of homely comfort and can therefore easily be used for a trip to the cinema or brunch with friends at the local coffee shop.

Pants with leoprint, up to size 50/52 300 USD + shipping, Studio with Charlot and Me

My cardigan is from a previous season.
Similar finds you here, up to size 52/54, 299.97 DKK, Bon’a Parte

For party
The celebration is cut perfectly to a “tight” necklace, which in this way underlines the carving and showing a little skin and throat, because I put the hair up. I could of course have chosen a couple of quite ordinary black trouser socks, but netstrømperne is for me just exactly the little detail that makes this look to a party instead of weekdays.

My skirt is from the previous season.
Similar finds you here, up to size 54, 499 DKK + evt. freight, carmakoma

Stockings from Woolford from a previous season. Visit their Web store here

With ASOS Curve has the net-stocking pants up to size 52/54, ca. 48 USD

Black clothing causes you not to necessarily sight less
My styling has gone very much in the black. More because black in black for me is a look that fits well to the days where I want to be smart but not in the mood to attract too much attention, and because it is now a time is both classic and stylish.

It is this context worth bearing in mind that it is a myth that black clothes help you loose weight. For black only get your appearance to sight less if the clothes fit – so that it highlights your strengths instead of hiding your body. If you pull in large and loose merely disguises itself as religion, that hides your entire body, will you still seem larger, even if gevandtet is black.

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide