Skin Care And Hair During Pregnancy

Hair And Skin Of Pregnant Usually Changes, Mainly By The Actions Of Hormones Of Pregnancy

skin and hair care in pregnancy

Skin care and hair during pregnancy. The gestation phase carries significant organic changes to the mother-to-be, both external as internal. External changes more seen are those relating to hair and skin, which are extremely fragile, requiring special care.

With respect to the hair, some women suffer from sharp falls, affecting, in very, your self-esteem. Even those who do not develop this problem, there is a reduction in health of wires, which are without life, weak and brittle, arising from the increasein estrogen.

The skin also changes, getting less pliable and increasing the incidence of stretch marks and cellulite. It is worth remembering that, at that stage, the suppleness of the skin is very important to be able to keep up with the expansion of the skin, especially in the abdominal area.

Treatments for hair and skin during pregnancy

The internal treatment for such ailments is in food, according to oxfordastronomy. A diet rich in fiber, protein andvitamins, improves the condition of the hair and skin. The following foods: wholegrain breads, beef liver, fish meat, eggs and yeast of beer, rich in all B complex, are quite suitable for the stage of gestation.

Physical exercises, passed by a specialist, help accelerate the metabolism of thesefoods, increasing your effectiveness. The ground flaxseed, in small doses, helps keep the hair soft and silky.

As for the external skin care so much as the hair must be hydrated because they lose a lot of water during this period.

For hair, cream with light products, which do not have strong smells, help maintainthe beauty of the wires. Avoid using hair thermal Cap. Hydrate in ambient temperature.

For the skin, hydration is key to avoid stretch marks and cellulite. If you get at that stage, may remain permanently. Abuse of moisturizing creams. Use without restriction. On the market there are several anti-stretch mark creams very effective and the famous almond oil.

Therefore, take good care of your body in this phase, especially skin and hair. In the case of the skin the situation is more complicated, because the consequences could be catastrophic. Adopting some care, you can go through this phase with skin and hair beautiful and healthy.

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