Skirt Long Jeans: How to Wear and Match

Jeans skirts never go out of style and have a special space in the heart of the woman, are used in all sizes and models, but the long ones are very elegant and combine with various occasions and all styles of women.
They are from thick jeans to the most delicate, smooth or detailed, basic or colorful and fashion. 
They can compose looks totally stripped as the most refined, there are long denim skirts for all tastes, combine with basic blouses, lace, lycra and tops.
The diversity of models open a range of options in combinations, we will cite some for various situations.

For work or for day to day it is super fashionable to use the straight without much details, combined with regattas or basic shirts.
To avoid getting too basic and unsightly use accessories like wristbands and wide belt, the footwear can be from creeping up to heels and boots.
The long denim skirts also combine to go to the ballad, for those places prefer the ones with details, frills or embroidery.
Have some with washed, pinched or stained jeans in various colors, these you can combine with shiny blouses, with sequins or transparencies, use and abuse the accessories and wear high heels.
In a more socially sporty style, choose the dark ones and combine them with blouses in light or lacy fabrics, wear classic accessories like pearls look elegant and chic, wear with scarpins or ankle boots.

These skirts are very used in the country style, at the rodeo parties it is quite common to see women sweeping with several models, besides beautiful help to warm since these parties are usually in the winter.
To do this style is only to wear boots, wide belts or with large buckles, neckerchief gives an extra charm, you can wear a hat to finish.

In summer it is also possible to wear them, but it might be hot, prefer the less thick jeans and also have skirts that are buttons in the front, the trick is to use open thighs down, refresh and become very sensual.
To combine wear colorful blouses and flowery, if they are high waist are a luxury with tops, regattas and unique front also sweep.
On the feet you can wear flat sandals, anabelas or platforms there depends on each person and if the situation will require you to stand a long time, hence prefer the lowest or shoes for convenience.