Sleeping Bag 20° Quechua Arpenaz

Technical Information


Padding: 100.0% 100.0% Polyester Inner Fabric: Polyester outer Fabric: 100.0% polyester Bag of luggage: 100.0% polyester

Sleeping Bag 20° Quechua Arpenaz

Operating Temperature:

-“We indicate in all our sleeping bags the” comfort temperatures tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) in accordance with European standard EN 13537 of 11/04/2002. The “comfort” temperature “is the lower limit of comfort in you, in relaxed posture, is globally in thermal equilibrium and don’t feel cold or heat (given for a normal woman and under normal conditions of use). Choose Your Sleeping Bag Temperature Limit

What Are The Temperatures “Limits” Of Use?

-Comfort: temperature limit Temperature limit that the user of the sleeping bag, wrapped, is globally in thermal equilibrium and has no cold or heat (given for a normal man and under normal conditions of use).

Maintenance Advice

-In washing, avoid mixing with other garments or delicate colours. Place the 1/3 dose of powder detergent and select a synthetic program to 30°c. To dry, roll out in a dry and airy without exposing to the Sun or near a heat source, or tumble dry at low temperature. Tip: the use of a sheet-bag reduces the frequency of washing, thus preserving the thermal efficiency according to SLEEPINGBAGSEXPO.COM.


-Inner and outer Fabric: 100% polyester. Filling: 100% polyester padded 180 g/m ².

A Note To Compare The Environmental Impact Of Products

-The environmental impact of the product is calculated based on your lifecycle and using different indicators. A global note ABCDE is assigned to help you easily identify the products with the best environmental performance through the comparison of products of the same type to each other (T-shirts, pants, backpacks, etc.).The Decathlon is a voluntary participant in this action of environmental indication.