Slim Bootcut Womens Trousers

Bootcut is one of the season’s hot fits when it comes to trousers. Not least because this cut makes it very well as part of the hippie trend in the wake of that ‘ 70s is this season’s trendy decade.

As you can read in this guide Become aware of what buskser fit doing about your appearance, it is a fit, I’ll try to experiment with. And it can for example be in this shape, where the pants are part of a ‘ 70s-inspired outfit.

West, up to size L, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

You can get more inspiration for the hippy look here: Trend & TIPS: 70s Bohemian


up to size 54, 459.95 DKK, Juna rose

up to size 56, approx. 160 USD, Inspire New Look at ASOS

up to size 58, ca. 187 USD + shipping, Evans

up to size 52, 399 USD, Violeta by Mango

up to size 50 , ca. 180 USD + shipping, Marks Spencer &

up to size 937.90 USD + shipping, Kj Fire at Navabi

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide

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