Smart Phone with Projector

This week is taking place in Barcelona, Spain, a Congress of mobile technology. Is one of these gigantic fair in that all companies that dominate the industry are going to take some release.

There are many news but one that called me a lot of attention was a Samsung phone with projector. The name of the smartphone from Samsung’s Galaxy Beam, followed by the family name Galaxy that has become synonymous with Korean-branded phones.

The device runs Android 2.3 and basically has the following technical characteristics specified on

4 inch screen with a resolution of 480 × 800

1 GHz dual core processor

6 GB of RAM. I thought great! (it would be an error on Samsung’s website)?

8 GB internal memory with micro SD card slot up to 32 GB

5MP camera + 1.3 MP front

2000 mAh battery

and finally 15 lumens projector!

Is a little heavier than the latest releases. He weighs 145 grams and is a bit large, but has a feature that no other mobile device commercially produced in scale features, can project images up to 50 inches!

The possibility of using a portable video projector are huge … and certainly many will still appear in addition to these. With a portable projector on your cell phone you can:

  • view Youtube videos on the wall of your House
  • show photos to your friends without having to pile up everybody to see on the small screen of the mobile phone
  • read documents in a more comfortable, in a larger screen.
  • keep the appliance series and videos to watch on the big screen, on any wall
  • make professional presentations and trainings
  • games … imagine the possibilities for games!
  • many, many other things

No shortage of applications and how Brazilians are the masters of imagination, this device will be very successful when you arrive in Brazil.

The video below shows the use of the mobile phone with projector for a group of friends.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam does not yet have a set price, since it is an extremely recent release. What we know is that this projector does not have as much quality as professionals and will happen as in cameras for mobile: the first devices had poor quality cameras and only after a few years the devices began to rely on cameras to finest that many compact machines.