Smart Watches For Fitness Enthusiasts

Asus Vivo Watch smart watches are half and half fitness bracelet. Athletes appreciate their function and not offend people who are more likely to use smart features. Moreover, they can be bought for four thousand crowns.

The market is constantly filled with all sorts of clever bracelets, watches and all other wearables. By far not all of them are reasonably usable. Generally, the most advanced of the current market, are probably the ones that come with the operating system Android Wear and Apple Watch. There are, however, pieces of which have their own operating system and are able to cooperate fully with both Android as well as iOS (owners of Windows Phone, I must disappoint you, because they do not in most cases available the necessary applications). One of these pieces of wearables as well as watch Vivo Watch Asus, which we look at in this article.


Asus Vivo Watch holds a style that set their predecessors smarter ZenWatch equipped operating system Android Wear. Design is, in my opinion, very subtle and stylish. Especially the contrast between the metal frame and dark body of the watch looks very elegant.

The accessories do not expect much. You get only microUSB cable, cradle, through which charges the watch and communicate with a PC and instructions for use.

The display is monochrome square memory with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. Under normal daylight readability is great, at dusk it still gives too. In the darkness, however, you need a backlight, which obviously have a watch. The easiest activate it by pressing on the right side of the watch. It also serves to unlock them (watch after some time automatically locked to prevent accidental touches). The backlight can be activated even steeper movement of the hand or tapping stronger. If you fear that the glass watches easily scratched, so you calm down, at least partly because the screen is covered by a durable glass Gorilla Glass 3, so it will not scratch just so.

Above the display is only Asus logo, while underneath there are two sensors, UV and LED indicating the level of your heart rate during exercise, jogging, cycling, …

The bottom side of the watch is also very interesting. Located here is the rate measurer. I admit that I did not compare its value with nothing more precise, only I was at the same time taking his pulse and palpating fingers values ​​differed about three beats per minute. It definitely does not take at face value, this comparison is only an idea that measuring the pulse of the watch is not completely out. Above the sensor for measuring the pulse is still contacts through which the watch attached to the cradle.

Rubber strap is a little tougher. Certainly not unpleasant for her hand, but because of its rigidity is not fully adapts to the shape of your hand. For this, however, Asus deserves great praise, is the size of the tape. It is a standard 22 mm tape, so there is no problem to replace it with another.

It is also necessary to mention that the Asus Vivo Watch have IP67, which means that the watch can withstand stay a meter below the water surface for up to thirty minutes or the full dust resistance. There is therefore no problem with Vivo Watch shower. I swim with them, however, I recommend it. It is quite possible that nothing would happen, but that did not give them the Asus IP68, it indicates that it was contrary could go wrong.


The most basic functions that Vivo Watch they are simple watch. By default, it displays the time as a normal digital watch, but the application can reset the dial on the common with the hands. Due to the smaller display resolution, however, I stayed with a digital time display, since my hand knurled come too pleasing.

If you chose a digital clock above them you can see several icons, namely the alarm indication is locked watches, battery status, and Bluetooth communication. Underneath is then only information about the current date.


On the next screen to the left, you can find a summary of how much you have for the current day walked in meters (rough estimate that somehow calculated according to your height that you specified in the application), how long it was at the time how many steps you total walked and also, how many calories you have burned it straight. Given that watches fail to record that you’re going uphill or downhill, this figure is again indicative.

UV index

The last option left is to display the current UV index. Watches are in fact below the display are two UV sensors, according to the recorded values ​​of this index is determined. Also reflected in the so-called. Happiness Index (index or luck) that determines what kind of day you recorded by the activity (including eg. Heart rate) should have. I personally value HI completely ignored since, even for me, terrible days, I always used to have almost a hundred points.

measurement rate

For heart rate measurement you do not need to press and not turn anything. Just off the main “desktop” pulling a watch to get right, and you have measuring pulse. It starts automatically itself and just wait for a while until the display shows the value. If the hand does not run the measurement pulse is still runs every half itself, and records it in the graph in. You have such a nice day-long overview of how you stand were a heartbeat.

Alarm clock

The alarm can be set in two ways, in the phone or equal right to watch. As? Simply go to the last screen to the right, one click at a time, and then, depending on whether you want to change the hour or minute, drag your finger up or down. Activate or deactivate the alarm you by pressing a finger on the icon below the time.

And how Vivo Watch wake up? It’s the same as in the case Xiaomi MiBandu simply vibrations.Compared MiBandu Vivo Watch not vibrate much weaker, and people who sleep really hard, they might have a problem that is simply not wake up. Vibrations take place at short intervals until the alarm canceled (probably themselves will stop, but I could not stand it so long to find that out).What a pity that the alarm clock can not can not wake up according sleep phase.

Information about sleep

If you leave the watch on his hand through the night, and on one of the screens, which display the pulling down of the main area, there are also information about your sleep. They just purely times how long it took your sleep and how much of it was “comfortable” (deep sleep).

Information on the physically demanding activity (running, cycling, exercise …)

A final area relates to the so-called. Exercise regime that you activate by pressing a button. Shows you the length of the activity and the time for which you have kept the high rate is above 160. When you run this mode also activates the LED below the display, which indicates normal (green – 160) and a high pulse (red – over 160).

Charging and stamina flashlight

Charging the watch is via the supplied cradle. Do they simply clicks and connects microUSB cable. Vivo Watch they are charging quite quickly and perhaps always seem to charge the clock from some 10% remaining battery capacity.

And what is life? Asus presents ten days under normal use and up to 24 hours of fitness (exercise) mode. For ten days during normal use, I did not, but after the first charge lasted watch eight days after another nine days. At today’s standards, I think is very good stamina. What’s perhaps a little affected, is the fact that Asus has texts on the site already, so to speak, out of date, since it has since been added to the notification a few main things which will surely take a little something extra.

applications HiVivo

Applications Hi Vivo through which the watch synchronized with the phone is very simple, maybe too much. I definitely think it would be good to expand a lot of other features that are currently missing altogether. As an example, according to the excitation phase of sleep.

The first thing you peek on the home screen is sort of a tree growing out of the wheel with the inscription HI. HI means Hapiness Index, in English, therefore happiness index. You can scroll back in history and view, so what you had HI in recent days.

Following are charts with steps and calories burned.

And we get to chart records heart rate, which you watch measured every half hour. As you can see in the chart below, sometimes quite sekne measurements and records meaningless value. However, this is not happening very often, and to do it three times a day, as in that chart, I experienced the first time. It goes on very well know when you sleep and when you’re on the contrary, a greater load.

Information about sleep may also be helpful. In addition, they can then weekly records to determine that they no longer need a longer period of time you sleep very little or have poor quality, deep sleep also can find your average heart rate per night, which is also shown in the chart and they can know when you are They must have had a nightmare.

The last item is a record of physical activity.

All the above can be displayed in a weekly report on the secondary tab.

The left menu displays information about you (you fill in when you first start) and you can go into device settings, or a network of friends, where you can connect with other owners Vivo Watch you know and keep track of whether the person eg. The moment trains, or its activity in the past.

Setting up the device is, unfortunately, just as stark as applications in general. Showing you will find information about the battery ID watches, firmware version or even set an alarm. Three buttons below also serves to change the dial, find and connect the watch and update the firmware.


Relatively fresh news in Vivo Watch the notification, not so long ago that artificially maximum alert you to incoming calls. Currently I am meeting more and more applications from which notification function. In addition to the base in the form of calls and SMS supports. For such a call is currently a bug that although the former seems to be on the watch to try and ignores an incoming call from a person with whom you have a phone set longer name. This problem has been reported to Asus, so I think that it will not take long and will be repaired. It is a pity that need not be via long pressing the call reject SMS preset automatically which would be subsequently sent.

Among other applications, from which I personally show notifications include: Google+, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Facebook Messenger (the notification will appear and snatch messages as long as it fits on the screen), Instagram. If someone Asus Vivo Watch own and know about any other notifications, be sure to share in the discussion. Himself some extra power applications do not use, so it is possible that many more works.


What are my feelings about testing and use Vivo Watch? Definitely they have a lot to learn, because their potential is far from being exploited and if they Asus nezanevře, so I think that the owners of these watches have something to look forward to. Even for those less than twenty days of testing, I noticed how grew amount of notifications and therefore can see that on one manufacturer is constantly working. If I consider that it is a clever resistant watch with a very good battery life, perfect workmanship, measuring heart rate, well-read display and an ever expanding array of functions and all for less than four thousand, I must admit that this is a very interesting choice and not so great plaything who longs for something more with Android Wear, I would definitely vote for Vivo Watch. Naturally you can still customize the belt by herself.

Of course, that compared watch with Android Wear that Vivo Watch offer only a fraction, but that the manufacturer is certainly aware, therefore, focused more on long battery life per charge, and fitness function (although it is a great shame that we can not gauge the pulse of use for third-party applications ). So if you appreciate life more and you are sportier oriented person, so I would say that you do these watches will appeal to more and nibble on them rather than following noticeably more expensive with Android Wear.