Smart Watches Moto 360

Smart watches are lately starting to become very sought after commodity. And even though they are still not standard complement our mobile phones, their popularity among consumers is more than evident. And in connection with this, manufacturers compete to offer the best we can watch that we can get on the market. And while almost all watches are square shape, manufacturers began experimenting and started to produce also watch round to be as similar as possible to those classic. The smart LG G Watch R  , we wrote recently and now you in this review also introduce a new round watches from Motorola namely the Moto 360. Up to that.


Moto 360 are delivered in elegant oval box which evokes the impression of luxury.Package content is now standard, however, and in it find themselves besides watches also charging cradle, charging cable and of course a couple of manuals, do not expect anything else already. The watch can be purchased in three color variations namely in black, silver and gold. When unpacking us dazzle chic design watches. If a watch is important to adopt at first sight, and in this respect can not be the Moto 360 single complaint. Motorola bet on the typical design of analog watch and he had very good. So it can say that now design their strongest. Watch the hand nicely and certainly excluding them become the focus of attention. View for LED watches.

Weight Watches Motorola Moto 360 is 50 grams and thickness of 11.5 mm. Although it may seem somewhat monstrous and somewhat watches are really robust, however if you have them on hand, so far has a marginal impact and whether it’s you as a wearer, or others. However, still we are talking about dimensions that are in the realm of classic traditional men’s watches, so it is obviously clear that the watch may be somewhat subtle girl přerostlejší. Itself is a strip of leather and feels very pleasant. We happened to us then that we have on him while wearing had some habit, or they would not be comfortable to wear. Conversely, you become accustomed to strip almost immediately and will not notice that you are wearing the watch, so certainly praise the chosen materials. In addition, the tapes can be exchanged for any custom because watches have a classic 22 mm mounting, so if someone supplied the tape did not work, certainly not a problem to procure another.

The materials themselves watches are made of glass and metal. The front is dominated by round display, which is protected by Gorilla Glass glass. The display is not completely embedded in watches, respectively. It is in a plane parallel with the metal body. About two millimeters peeks over the body of the watch and is well chamfered, so that he at passing his finger along the edges strongly you feel. On the right side we have a button to turn on / off watches, hence turn on / off the display. The bottom side is also made of glass and it is fortunately rounded, so you no way neznepříjemňuje wear. In addition, on the rear side it is also a sensor of heart rate.

After the site design then we definitely nothing to complain about. The watch is really good and has a very elegant impression. Hand then they look really fantastic and we did not encounter anyone who would watch downright did not like. In this regard, Motorola will delight all who are interested in smart watches and also enjoy their classic look and futuristic them does not appear square competitor watches. Which are in addition to the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R basically still the only watch in the market. Like the competing LG G Watch R , and the Motorola Moto 360 watches are equipped with an IP67-rated, which declares ability to withstand watch the meter depth of up to half an hour. We watch for half an hour submerged in the sink and they have stood the test perfectly, there has never been any problem whatsoever. Perhaps we do not recommend them bathe in the pool, for example, although it would have to endure, but must be in the shower handle it without any problems and they certainly will not harm the greater amount of water.


The display on the smart watch Motorola Moto 360 is 1.6 inch with a resolution of 320 x 290 pixels that make up our gentleness 205 ppi, which is slightly less than the competingLG G Watch R . In normal use, this lack of practically do not know, but if to display look more closely, the pixels are the naked eye with no visible problem, which is relatively bad. In this regard could integrate Motorola and offer us greater resolution. The actual display is unfortunately not completely round because the bottom of the screen is a black stripe and it is hidden sensor for measuring ambient light. English is the watch Motorola Moto 360 also nicknamed the “flat tire” (in Czech literally means “puncture”). Although we view it as a disturbing element, it is necessary to state that, over time, to strip willy-nilly habit and you no longer looking at the display is not so much mind.

Then so be it satisfaction the fact that the display is easily readable in direct sunlight and has very good viewing angles, so you will see him well in virtually any lighting conditions.The display is traditionally protected by Gorilla Glass glass so on it just scratches really do not do, and we did not make the slightest hint of scratches even after several weeks of testing. Bottom line, we praise the display, on the other hand, he will not even blame some major shortcomings. We oscillate ie somewhere on the edge diameter. On the one hand, a manufacturer might give the watch was better display resolution, on the other hand, a typical user who does not strictly pixel-hunt, sees relatively nice display with excellent readability and viewing angles. The actual display is in standby mode is set so that it is completely turned off and lights up when you wave your hand or turn your wrist.This worked flawlessly and watches whenever we needed it, reliably lit up.

O performance, we care a single core processor Texas Instruments OMAP 3 and he sekundující operation of RAM 512 megabytes Weaker single-core processor may not seem in comparison with the competition as a good choice and in some cases it is to really get to know the system, unfortunately. Regarding the stability of the system, so there are almost no problems we have not registered. Never so happened that the watch, for example, by themselves rebooted, or that some applications fell by themselves. In this regard, the system is fine and perfectly stable, but sometimes we met with the slowdown of the system, especially when viewed graphically demanding animation. These gouges were probably caused by precisely the weaker processor.Certainly it happened too often, so it will not spoil gouges normal handling of the watch, but when it happens, it is noticeable and does not leave a good impression. In this case, Motorola could choose a more powerful processor, it is possible that it will be up to Android Wear issued demanding applications, so watch Motorola Moto 360 will not be prosecuted far more often. But let’s take into consideration the fact that the manufacturer has to balance between performance and battery life. And for such a small device is doubly true. As far as connectivity and watches are only compatible with phones that have Android 4.3 and higher, and Bluetooth 4.0. With lower operating systems because unfortunately not pair the watch (it is, however, limitations of Android Wear watch and pay for all manufacturers). However, these two terms are single, or anything else you would restrict the pairing has not.


Motorola Moto 360 watches feature a classic running Android Wear, which is today virtually all clocks (except watches Samsung running Tizen ), so if you’re a smart watch in his hand, user interface and securely recognize it quickly mastered. They quickly master but also any smart watches utterly ignorant and inexperienced users, because the environment is very simple, intuitive and within minutes he understands absolutely everyone. The primary mission of the watch’s display and handle your notifications from a mobile phone. Motorola’s Moto 360 manages to completely reliably and without any problems. Notifications are displayed instantly. If the card with the appropriate notifications sliding your finger to the left, you will see interactive buttons and you can choose what to do with the warning continues. For example, in Gmail you can on a specific message either immediately answer (voice – dictate – but it does not work reliably, and probably do not use this feature. It can not be dictated text does not check or repair before sending) or simply removed immediately. If the card with the notification, move right, so you delete it and it will no longer appear at the notification bar on the phone (be careful talking about notification, not the message itself). Notification will feel almost immediately, as you watch whenever needed, gently vibrate, or you will all know almost immediately. You can of course have to choose which applications you want notifications on the watch display and which not. Everything therefore set according to your own taste.

Motorola We are pleased that he basically has a really great selection of dials that you can set your watch to. We find there and dials from those elegantly simple, to futuristic and modern. If, however, you happen to either one of them did not like it, there is nothing easier than to visit the Google Play Store and install additional clock faces to suit your taste. Moto 360 also have several selectable modes, so you can activate them, for example, silent mode, which turns off all warnings and disable the vibrate mode.

Smart watches Moto 360 will also offer voice control. This is the result of anything but perfect, as, indeed competing LG G Watch R, and it is clear that in the world of smart watches what’s voice control is concerned, Google is still the recapture. Wear operating system, Google does not yet officially Czech, it means that the voice commands you’ll need to perform in English only. For example, messages in English can dictate, but again, only if you set the Czech language as the primary language for speech recognition on your phone. However, this recognition lose control commands English. It’s a whole tangled, but we believe that the next update to Android Wear 5.0 Lollipop situation will improve. But that’s not all. Dictation is not always reliable and often watches will write something different than you originally intended. In contrast, the voice commands work exactly, but, as we have already mentioned, you can practice so far only in English. So if you want a voice command to call up a particular name, the watch will probably have a problem within the England setup identify Czech spoken name.


The watch has a preinstalled applications you will find, but if you choose to download new, so we’ll have to make on your phone, where you then synchronize watches. This is done through the Android Wear app installed on your phone. Given that the market applications for smart watches still at the beginning, so their offer is not as comprehensive as the offer applications on mobile phones, however, is already a list of compatible applications offering a large number of items, and it is clear that the future will expand gigantically. Applications can be freely changed, so maybe, instead of dictating notes to the default Google Keep so we can send the note to any application straight to your phone. By default, all applications are naturally paired with services from Google.

It may also happen that you download an application that is not entirely compatible with the circular shape of the display, which has suddenly become difficult to handle and in some cases unusable, because the primary controls are located on the corners and the course is not too good press. Some of that may not go to press at all, and thus the application can directly uninstall. These applications unfortunately can not tell right in the store, so you first need to install and test any case, there are not many, so you do not so often does not happen. However, these are issues that must be addressed in the next Google versions of Android Wear.

On the watch we can receive the calls, which to us seems unnecessary, however, is to receive just there when the call itself, then we must only take place on the phone, because the watches themselves can not call because they do not have a speaker. Of course if you use a handsfree set is different and use the watch for incoming calls it makes more sense. In case you are not using a hands-free, it might seem a useful feature to turn off the call and automatically send a preset message, why not answer the call. This smart watches Motorola Moto 360, although knows, however, predefined messages are in English only and can not be changed in any way, so again, it’s practically useless, and yet another thing on the list of things to be solved for Google. A example of such a built-in calendar is completely useless, because with his information not continue working and therefore all the events we have to deal directly on your phone.

On the watch we can run for example also navigation, but we’ll have to first activate the phone itself. It is therefore impossible without useless application to run directly on the watch, without delay, use it. After running this step is necessary to be confirmed in the phone and, only then it can go back into your pocket and navigated only by the watch.Navigation itself, however, is absolutely hassle free and its use, we must speak highly enough to be very comfortable, because it’s certainly more comfortable than in the hands continuously hold the phone. Before each turn you extra watch will vibrate considerably, so make sure you do not have to worry that you ever forget to change direction. Navigation is as well applicable for walking tours of the city, as well as in the car, where you appreciate just mentioned vibrating alert on tap.

Like the competing LG G Watch R, and watch Motorola Moto 360 have a music player and internal memory of 4 GB. This course will serve not only for applications, but also for watches can permanently store music. This means that we will not stream music through the phone, but we’ll always easy to watch themselves. Though it may seem like futility, because 4GB of memory is not too large and will have it relatively conserve and music in the watch can be used for example while jogging. It is sufficient to watch paired with a bluetooth headset and you do not carry on sporting activities take the phone itself.


Battery, battery life extension, usually at a watch frequently discussed issue, as the vast majority of them suffer from the fact that in practice lasts a maximum of two days. And that’s not to watch too much value, since those would count rather with the fact that we do not need to be recharged as often as mobile phones. How then stood smart watches Motorola Moto 360? Battery capacity is 320 mAh, which is not too much anymore and it tells us that neither Motorola Moto 360 will emerge from this malaise. And that is true. If the watch will employ an active, as it probably will, as for anything else created or not, so we will charge almost every day. At very sporadic use we could possibly get even for two days, but it makes no sense to count on it.

Very pleased but relatively fast charging. Roughly in just thirty minutes, we can extend battery life by up to half, from zero to a hundred then we get aa less than an hour fifteen minutes, so we made up for questionable battery life. However, in this case it is necessary to have a battery charger to each other, then if for instance going away for the weekend, certainly not do without it. In the event that you turn the mode in which you watch on standby completely shut down, but the basic notification will go on display ever seen, so count with a significantly increased power consumption. In the investigation, we therefore recommended not to enable this mode at all. In short, while abundant use with the stamina to get one full day and evening you left some the tiny margin. You will recharge regularly.

It also pleases charging method. The watch is inserted into the charging cradle and you are automatically switched into a special mode in which the display is dimmed so that charging is carried out quickly, and we have see time and charging progress, which has a very attractive appearance and on the desk so they will watch on charger only sparkle.Charging is done wirelessly, so just watch the cradle just insert and charging begins without delay almost immediately. However, it is important to remember that in the actual charging watches do not show individual notification, they are activated again after disconnecting it from the charger.


Smart watches Moto 360 Motorola undoubtedly excel throughout the design because they act as elegant piece of hardware with a circular in relation to traditional watches.Very Also we commend themselves workmanship, which is the use of glass and metal high quality and equally worthy of praise and supplied leather strap which is very pleasant to the touch. Watches and hand works very nicely. However, we expect slightly from the display, whose resolution would undoubtedly be greater. On closer inspection, we are clearly distinguished individual pixels with the naked eye. And even after the hardware with Motorola not break too, as a single core processor is nowadays somewhat outdated and just on smart watches, the purchase would be considered as a smart investment in the future, this step completely understand. It is already possible to observe a significant slowdown in the system when displaying graphically demanding animation I can not imagine how to stand watch in a year, when they will build applications more demanding and sophisticated. Personally, I would recommend to buy yet some time to wait, act, therefore, to see how the watch proves after prolonged use, and then also because their price is currently at nevychytaný such a system is still too high. In its current form is so Motorola Moto 360 watches intended mainly for true fans, but great design, we can not deny them at any price.