Smart Watches Samsung Gear 2

The flagship of the heirs so far is Samsung Gear 2. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it is an extremely convenient and improved Galaxy Gear. In products Gear 2 was introduced OS Tizen (controlled by Samsung and Intel), which require the removal of “Galaxy” on behalf of the series, because it is used only for Samsung products running Android. Generally Gear 2 had to work only with a specific list of smartphones and tablets PHABLET by Samsung, users do not slept and cried Affliction, I found the various “unofficial” solutions. Later Samsung alone promised soon to open their smart watches for all the Android devices of different brands (with a minimum version of Android). Interestingly, in Tizen should be able to use some Android apps (HTML5 applications or ACL / PAG / Dalvik), but watches it has not happened so far, possibly because of their modest hardware capabilities. Otherwise, it is clear that there is still not enough applications for OS Tizen, but expect that is lighter, faster, more stable, and this will lead to greater battery life when it comes to smart watches. Below is a brief description of the hardware and software parameters Gear 2. Band is much easier to change (compared to Galaxy Gear), due to the relocation of cameras and microphones in the body of the clock. Again available sAMOLED screen and improved hardware capabilities. There is also a hardware button to help can call different functions (after presetting). The back of the clock occurs and sensor heartbeat. Charging still has a nozzle, but much more comfortable thinking. The screen is blank when not in use are available infrared diode (can manage certain household techniques) and camera. Gear 2 has the ability to make phone calls, serving as hands free for the connected device. Software applications Gear 2 products include stopwatch, pedometer, applications for tracking notifications of all applications on the connected phone, program SMS-es and calls music “player” location connected device other fitness applications, voice control via S- voice, applications news, weather and more. Users proposed special phone app – Gear Manager, which allows detailed setting smart watch. Full features of Samsung Gear 2 can be found in page him our Product smart watches. See FinanceDNS for how to change a watch battery.

Smart Clock Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Samsung Gear 2 the Neo is the budget version of the product series. For this clever clock repeat everything Gear 2, with the exception of the missing metal housing and camera. This makes it easier. Full features of Gear 2 Neo You can also check out his page in our catalog smart watches.