Smartwatches Samsung Galaxy Gear

Smart watches have recently become more and more the norm. Their developments have started to work and companies such as Apple and HTC. Among the pioneers but were Sony and Samsung. And just for the Galaxy Gear Samsung we will look in more detail.

Design – the biggest priority, and enticement

Galaxy Gear majority of users do not hold their functions, but it is pleasing and elegant design. On the front is dominated by the 1.63 “Super AMOLED display, which is surrounded by a polished metal frame.At each corner is then to find one screw, which fulfill both practical and aesthetic importance.

On the metal frame immediately adjoins the belt that is a product of the “hard” rubber. The entire tape is scalloped, which is not practical, since it is an ideal space for trapping dust and various impurities. The tape is embedded 1.9 megapixel camera, which unfortunately acts on these 5 mm.

As in conventional watch strap you can adjust according to the size of your hand, thanks to the large range of mounting holes. Closing mechanism is really simple, but not very secure.

Several times happened to us that when deploying “staple” pinched skin. Worse yet was very firm connection locking mechanism through which the strap unfastened spontaneously. If we take into account the total purchase price of the watch it is quite a crucial and expensive proposition.

Part of the closing mechanism of the metal is also a speaker that unfortunately somewhat overlaps, resulting in scratches either on the table or jacket cuff.

Package contents – especially elegance

Smart Samsung Galaxy Gear watches are sold in eye-catching square box with imitation wood. We must recognize that this style looks really elegant and very square shape indicates that they are under the cap will not hide the smart phone, but just watch.

Together with them, you will also find a standard charger, charging “Stand” and brief instructions. The charging cradle is used, as the name says, to charge the watch. Despite having a microUSB charging cable connector to watch him nezastrčíte, since they no appropriate socket to find.

Connectivity – issue for a long time

Smart watches are practically useless when you link a smartphone.

Options to connect two devices, are several. Not all are very easy and fast. The simplest is to use NFC technology. Just attach the charging stand to the back of the smartphone (NFC connectivity of course), and watches you have yourself a video wizard will instruct how to complete the pairing. This variant we tested the Samsung Galaxy Note III, where everything is done without any problems.

Another option is a manual connection via Bluetooth. This procedure, however, is a bit more complicated and does not work with every device from Samsung. Instructions on how to do it, we are preparing a separate article in section Manuals.

After a successful pairing then just from Samsung Apps to download Gear Manager, through which you can freely watch disconnect, or vice versa to join. Despite the application it is possible to control several functions of the watch or alter their settings.

Hardware – what more could you ask for

Since it is a smart watch, look in the bowels of the Galaxy Gear similar mechanisms, like regular wristwatch. This ensures the accuracy of the processor time, RAM and battery.

Since it is a small mobile device, you will not find any high-end hardware. Watch more than enough core Exynos processor with 800MHz, which is the hands of decent 512MB of RAM. Internal storage then includes four gigabytes Juice comes with a battery capacity of 315 mAh. You might think that this capacity must be to watch more than adequate. However, we must lead the misrepresentation; This battery makes the watch only two day affair.

To make matters worse, the band will find the already mentioned 1.9 megapixel camera that can shoot video in HD, which is to watch respectable value. Of course there is Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity function Low Power.

Display – who finds the pixel wins

Touchscreen Super AMOLED Galaxy Gear watch is absolutely fantastic. It’s the mostly small diagonal 1.63 “, thanks to which the resolution is 320 x 320 absolutely perfect and fine.

For watches, however, it is the most important parameter readability. Galaxy Gear now offers five options of brightness, even regime “outside”. Even when this mode is selected is in direct sunlight readable text very miserable. Viewing angles at normal daylight are doing much better.

Battery life – genes are known smartphone

Super AMOLED display, we praise battery life, unfortunately not. It is simply to recognize that this is a small smart mobile devices that are too high battery life does not impress. During normal use your watch lasts an average of two to three days. The only advantage is rapid recharging through which recharge in less than two hours into a wholly owned battery capacity.

The energy consumption depends a lot on the brightness of the display and the frequency of switching screens. Consume a certain part and notifications on your mobile phone, or calls routed over Gear.

User environment – an interesting individual innovation

With a small diagonal display Samsung had to develop an entirely new user experience. The company embraced the simplicity and practicality, so the Galaxy Gear is dominated by black and white. On a black background with white text and icons, nice to see.

Since the watch is not no hardware key (only on the side to start), control is performed by a touch. For this purpose several interesting gestures.

Slide your finger from left to right, or vice versa, you drive through the main menu functions and settings. Clicking on the icon takes you to the specified function. If you want to return to the home screen, just swipe from the top downwards.

This identical motion from the main menu to access the camera application, the opposite gesture to open the dialer.

Hold the side button to call up a menu that offers a shutdown, reboot, change the profile or switching from a standard brightness mode “outside”.

Screen transitions are very brisk and smooth, perhaps even once it happened to us that the system in any way froze or stuttered.

Perhaps the most useful feature of Galaxy Gear is reporting notifications from your smart phone. In Gear Manager can now connect smart watch with several external applications (Facebook, Gmail, Calendar, …). If so you get an email, it will tell you how very smart phone notification bar, and smart watches. Just e-mail text can be on the watch display, notifications from Facebook did not, and so you have to use your smart phone.

Multimedia and software – limited options

Applications Gear Manager offers several apps for the Galaxy Gear. Most applications, however, must be downloaded from Samsung Apps. Among the most interesting include Evernote, eBay, ChatON or Runastic.

By default, applications Gear Manager, you can choose from several designs, indicators of time. There is a standard pointer, or digitally complemented by a pedometer, your notes or the current weather. You can also individually customize the background and font color.

Galaxy Gear can also display so finicky play videos and display photos or images. As students we obviously thought the use of smart watches in school, particularly during a test or exam. At first we thought that the text will not ever cheat sheet to read, but lo and behold, it goes.

Thanks to zoom using gestures with two fingers, which is used in conventional smart phones, you can text or photo beautifully closer, yet quality remains almost intact.

Camera and video – as agent 007

James Bond could only envy. The camera lens is beautifully fitted into a bracelet, and though some of the millimeter stands out is almost invisible. Therefore even occurred to anyone that it just pointing the camera.

The video quality seems perfect at first glance, may in particular small diagonal display. After recording a video on your PC or smartphone already a kind of fame is not, yet, it is a HD quality.

Or images recorded 1.9 MP sensor are not exclusive, but can be described as average and adequate.

Controlling the camera is very intuitive and simple. At the top are two icons; Left button switches the camera and the camera right offer an extended range of different settings. The actual photo or video capture by simply tapping the screen.

Calls – the biggest weakness

The main menu is to find a contact list and call logs. The watch can display all the information and contacts that offers you and your smart phone. Then simply just choose the right one and initiate the call.

At that moment the lights and display phone that you paired watches, and displays the usual animations call. However, if the other party accepts the call, call via smart watches and smart phone microphone is thus inactive.

If you want to call using the phone, watch not respond. But the situation changes when someone calls you. Start ringing as smart watches and phones. At that moment, it depends on you, after which you reach the device.

Phoning via the Galaxy Gear is very impractical. Thanks very loud speaker must watch mounted as close to the ear. The second reason is also the location of the microphone to tape.

Know that in this position, you look really strange and almost everyone turns to you, what are you doing it actually. After all, the general public has about the existence of smart watches no idea.

final evaluation

Smart watches are certainly interesting technological advances and have had a promising future. The first generation Samsung Galaxy Gear but practicality and offer not in our opinion, we are investing in them very unnecessary.

Use can perhaps only a camera, voice recorder and pedometer call. Even the most important function – to display a clock does not work as conventional watches. If you want to display the time, you have to tap sharply hands or press the hardware button, which in some situations very uncomfortable.

This concept is not bad, you just need to tweak some features and details. We are wondering what comes second generation Galaxy Gear, or what amenities would offer competition.